• Medieval Warm Period as Warm as Today and Global

    • Date: 21/04/10

    Understanding how the climate has changed in the past is essential if we are to put today’s warm climate into its proper perspective. There is a key question in the post-hockey stick era, and that is how warm was the Medieval Warm Period of a thousand years ago and how warm was the Roman Warm […]

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  • The Missing Heat

    • Date: 20/04/10

    In the released CRU emails NCAR climate scientist Kevin Trenberth says: The fact is that we can’t account for the lack of warming at the moment and it is a travesty that we can’t. Last week Science magazine gave Trenberth a chance to explain what he meant by this comment, which has been much discussed […]

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  • Link Between Low Sun and Low Temperatures?

    • Date: 15/04/10

    The media have hailed this research paper as demonstrating a link, for England at least, between low solar activity and lower winter temperatures. The authors were seemingly interested in seeing if there was a link between the recent European low winter temperatures and the low solar activity we are experiencing. It was nice to see […]

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  • Wet Spells Getting Longer in Europe

    • Date: 12/04/10

    According to Olga Zolina of the Meteorologisches Institut, Universitaet Bonn, Bonn, Germany, and colaborators, writing in Geophysical Research Letters, as the world’s climate changes, precipitation patterns are also changing. Previous studies have found that in Europe the amount of precipitation has been increasing by about 15 – 20% over the past 60 years. It is […]

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  • Decadal Doubts

    • Date: 09/04/10

    It is now clear to most climate researchers that something has been stopping the world from warming in the past decade. During this time, according to the standard hypothesis, levels of man-made greenhouse gasses have increased in our atmosphere so the temperature should have gone up. It obviously hasn’t so what is cooling our world? […]

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  • Flowrate of World’s 4th Largest River Linked to Solar Cycle

    • Date: 05/04/10

    A new study has postulated a link between solar activity and the flowrate of one of the largest rivers in the world, and suggests that it will lose water as the current low solar activity continues. The quantity of water flowing down a river is a good climatic indicator since it integrates rainfall over large […]

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  • Increase in Arctic ice confounds doomsayers

    • Date: 03/04/10

    The amount of sea ice covering the Arctic dramatically increased last month, reaching levels not seen at this time of year for nearly a decade. Returning ice – after years of declining cover – has astonished climate scientists who blamed unusually cold weather over the Bering Sea. Researchers said they recorded the most ice in […]

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  • Greenland Ice Sheet Losing Ice Mass on Northwest Coast

    • Date: 31/03/10

    Ice loss from the Greenland ice sheet, which has been increasing during the past decade over its southern region, is now moving up its northwest coast, according to a new international study. Led by the Denmark Technical Institute’s National Space Institute in Copenhagen and involving the University of Colorado at Boulder, the study indicated the […]

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