• Alarmists Isolated: IPCC Extreme Weather Report Triggers Storm Of Protest

    • Date: 27/11/11

    In mid-November, the UN’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change published a special report on extreme weather events, such as hurricanes, floods and heat waves. But its emphasis on the uncertainty of its predictions has enraged scientists and activists alike, just days before the UN Climage Change Conference in Durban. Storms — and especially hurricanes, typhoons […]

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  • Global Warming Forecasts ‘Exaggerated’

    • Date: 25/11/11

    A new study suggests that the rate of global warming from the doubling of atmospheric carbon dioxide may be less than the most extreme  estimates, and also less severe than that projected by the IPCC in 2007. The basic greenhouse effect will raise the earth’s temperature by about 1.3 deg C. Anything larger requires putative […]

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  • Ross McKitrick: Fix The IPCC Or Fold It

    • Date: 23/11/11

    If the IPCC’s flaws can’t be corrected, we should leave For many years, attempts to encourage debate on global warming science or policy have run into the obstacle that the UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) has issued definitive statements, and therefore—the reasoning goes—the era of debate is over. The IPCC is made up […]

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  • Indur Goklany: The Odd Omission In IPCC’s Summary for Policy Makers For SREX On Extreme Weather And Climatic Events

    • Date: 20/11/11

    Since death rates from extreme weather and climatic extremes have declined despite global warming, what is it that we are doing right, and how can we ensure we keep doing it? One of the major reasons why extreme weather events are of abiding interest to both the public and policy makers is the potential loss of […]

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  • Extreme Weather: Alaska Hit By New Cold Records

    • Date: 19/11/11

    For the second time in three days, Fairbanks set a new low temperature record on Thursday. A temperature of 41 degrees below zero — the first 40 below temperature of the season — was recorded at Fairbanks International Airport at 6:29 a.m., according to the National Weather Service in Fairbanks. That broke the old record […]

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  • Climate Change Weather Effects Unknown: IPCC Report

    • Date: 18/11/11

    GREAT uncertainty remains about how much of an impact climate change will have on future extreme weather events, the world’s leading climate scientists have found. While there has been an increase in warm days and a decrease in cold nights, the likely impact on future weather events would not be evident for decades because of […]

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  • A New, Lower Estimate Of Climate Sensitivity

    • Date: 09/11/11

    There is word circulating that a paper soon to appear in Science magazine concludes that the climate sensitivity—how much the earth’s average temperature will rise as a result of a doubling of the atmospheric concentration of carbon dioxide—likely (that is, with a 66% probability) lies in the range 1.7°C to 2.6°C, with a median value of […]

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  • Agriculture In Central Siberia Would Likely Benefit From Climate Warming

    • Date: 08/11/11

    Humans have traditionally cultivated steppe and forest-steppe on fertile soils for agriculture. Forests are predicted to shift northwards in a warmer climate and are likely to be replaced by forest-steppe and steppe ecosystems. We analyzed potential climate change impacts on agriculture in south-central Siberia believing that agriculture in traditionally cold Siberia may benefit from warming. […]

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