• Atlantic Hurricane Season – A Record-Breaking Dud?

    • Date: 09/09/13
    • Tom Brown, Reuters

    The 2013 Atlantic hurricane season, which forecasters had predicted would be more active than normal, has turned out to be something of a dud so far as an unusual calm hangs over the tropics. “It certainly looks like pretty much of a forecast bust.” Tropical Storm Gabrielle’s remnants and Systems 99L and 98L are all captured […]

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  • The Hiatus In Global Temperature Explained?

    • Date: 03/09/13
    • Dr David Whitehouse

    The paper by Kosaka & Xie, “Recent global-warming hiatus tied to equatorial Pacific surface cooling,” published on 28 August in Nature, has attracted some comment, not least by the media, some of whom see it as an explanation for the flatness of global surface temperatures over the past decade and a half. The Guardian calls the […]

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  • Is Arctic Sea Ice Rebounding?

    • Date: 27/08/13
    • Steve Goddard, Real Science

    Green shows ice present in 2013 which was not present on this date in 2012. Red shows the opposite. Arctic Sea-Ice Monitor Real Science, 25 August 2013

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  • Polar Bears Have Not Been Harmed By Sea Ice Declines In Summer

    • Date: 19/08/13
    • Susan Crockford, Polar Bear Science

    Polar bear numbers overall have increased, despite the appearance of a ‘stable’ global population since 2001 and significant declines in Arctic sea ice coverage in summer.  The polar bear biologists and professional activists of the IUCN Polar Bear Specialist Group (PBSG) continue to insist that since 1979 increasingly smaller amounts of Arctic sea ice left at the end of summer (the September […]

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  • New Paper: Tree-Ring Proxy Temperature Data ‘Seriously Compromised’

    • Date: 15/08/13
    • The Hockey Schtick

    More bad news for Michael Mann: A new paper published in Climate of the Pastfinds that ‘modern sample bias’ has “seriously compromised” tree-ring temperature reconstructions, producing an “artificial positive signal [e.g. ‘hockey stick’] in the final chronology.” Needless to say, Mann’s hockey sticks are also seriously compromised by statistical techniques that produce hockey sticks from random numbers, use […]

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  • Looming Weak Solar Activity May Herald Frosty Times

    • Date: 10/08/13
    • Space Daily

    The current solar activity cycle, possibly the weakest in 100 years, is approaching its maximum. This may signal a future low period for the sun, probably not unlike the one that caused the so-called Little Ice Age from the mid-16th to mid-19th centuries. The sun is currently at the maximum of Solar Cycle 24, but […]

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  • The Sun’s Magnetic Field Is About To Flip

    • Date: 06/08/13
    • Nasa Science News

    Something big is about to happen on the sun.  According to measurements from NASA-supported observatories, the sun’s vast magnetic field is about to flip. “It looks like we’re no more than 3 to 4 months away from a complete field reversal,” says solar physicist Todd Hoeksema of Stanford University. “This change will have ripple effects […]

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  • David Whitehouse: Raptures Of The Deep

    • Date: 24/07/13
    • Dr David Whitehouse

    The three briefing papers on the recent pause in global surface temperature released by the UK Met Office this week make interesting reading. They can be found here, here and here. But perhaps unintentionally they say more about the messenger than the actual science, of which there is very little that is new. The overall […]

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