• Solar Surprise: Big Sunspot Peak To Come?

    • Date: 04/02/14
    • Inform the Pundits blog

    Earth’s sun is full of unexpected surprises. Solar Cycle 24′s story has more plot twists than a daytime soap opera. Solar sunspot and magnetic flux activity way up in recent months Five months ago solar sunspot activity had plummeted to just 37 spots at the midpoint of solar max. Solar flux was nil. Cycle 24 […]

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  • Antarctic Sea Ice Extent On Track Of Hitting New Record

    • Date: 02/02/14
    • Sunshine Hours

    Antarctic Sea Ice Extent  is on track to have the highest minimum in the modern satellite era. Antarctic Sea Ice Extent as of Jan 30 2014 was 950,000 sq km above the 1981-2010 mean and 220,000 sq km above 2008. 950,000 sq km above normal is 26% above normal. Day 30 was the 13th daily record of the year. Full story

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  • UK Met Office: Global Temperature Standstill Continues

    • Date: 24/01/14
    • Dr David Whitehouse

    With none of the fanfare that accompanies their prediction of the global temperature for the forthcoming year the Met Office has quietly released the global temperature for 2013. It will come as no surprise after the 2013 temperatures released by NASA and NOAA that it shows the global temperature standstill – now at 17 years […]

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  • The Temperature Standstill And Its Dismissal

    • Date: 22/01/14
    • Dr David Whitehouse

    The Australian Science Media Centre was swift in canvasing comments about the announcement that 2013 was between the 4th and 7th warmest year in the NASA and NOAA global temperature databases. It also published a number of comments about the so-called “pause” in global temperature data for the past 17 years. Emeritus Professor Ian Lowe, […]

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  • NASA and NOAA Confirm Global Temperature Standstill Continues

    • Date: 21/01/14
    • Dr David Whitehouse

    In a joint press conference NOAA and NASA have just released data for the global surface temperature for 2013. In summary they both show that the ‘pause’ in global surface temperature that began in 1997, according to some estimates, continues. Statistically speaking there has been no significant trend in global temperatures over this period. All these […]

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  • Judith Curry: The Case Of The Missing Heat

    • Date: 20/01/14
    • Judith Curry, Climate Etc.

    The global warming ‘pause’ has now gone mainstream, even though the IPCC did its level best to downplay it. Sixteen years into the mysterious ‘global-warming hiatus’, scientists are piecing together an explanation. – Jeff Tollefson Nature has a News and Views piece entitled Climate Change: The Case of the Missing Heat (complete article is available online).   Some excerpts: […]

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  • UK Flooding: No Climate Link

    • Date: 14/01/14
    • Dr David Whitehouse

    It has been said that much of the recent flooding in the UK has been triggered by heavy rainfall brought about by changing climate. Some have said this is due to anthropogenic influences. Others collate what is thought to be happening with what many climate models predict about the future incidence of extreme weather. It […]

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  • ‘Polar Vortex’ That Caused Record Cold Is Related To Solar Activity, Not Man-Made CO2

    • Date: 12/01/14
    • The Hockey Schtick

    An analysis by meteorologist Guido Guidi at the Italian Climate Monitor site debunks claims that the US record cold was caused by man-made global warming. The analysis shows there has been no overall trend in the jet stream zonal velocity over the past 66 years, which in turn controls the polar vortex. At least 3 published papers confirm […]

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