• Atlantic Ocean’s Circulation Yields Inevitable Surprises

    • Date: 28/06/15
    • Doug Hoffman, The Resilient Earth

    Science in general, and climate science in particular, has a poor record when it comes to predicting the future. Models that have been based on false assumptions and data for years. The term “settled science” gets tossed around in the media a lot these days. Mostly by non-scientists, who know no better, and by some […]

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  • Scotland’s Coldest Summer Month For 40 years?

    • Date: 21/06/15
    • Sunday Herald

    FLAMING June. This is likely to turn out to be the coldest summer month for more than 40 years. In most years, that opening word is employed as a straightforward adjective. In 2015, if it is used at all, it is as an expletive. This is likely to turn out to be the coldest summer […]

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  • US Rainfall: Highest Precipitation Ever In May

    • Date: 17/06/15
    • Sunshine Hours

    According to the NOAA, May 2015 was ranked 121 out of 121 for precipitation. Full post

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  • Northeast Greenland Saw Coldest May On Record

    • Date: 07/06/15
    • Michael Bastasch, Daily Caller

    Northeast Greenland saw its coldest May since measurements began in 1949. Climate scientists, environmentalists and politicians worried about man-made global warming sounded the alarm this year when Arctic sea ice levels hit their lowest extent on record for March. Some even warned this could signal an ice-free north pole this summer, or in the near future. […]

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  • False Alarm: Small Pacific Islands Growing, Not Sinking, As Sea Levels Rise

    • Date: 05/06/15
    • Penny Sarchet, New Scientist

    Rising seas are eating away at small islands and will eventually turn their inhabitants into climate refugees, right? Not so for some of the world’s most threatened islands, which have grown despite experiencing dramatic sea level rise. (Image: Ashley Cooper/Visuals Unlimited, Inc.) Funafuti atoll, which includes the capital of Tuvalu, is an islet archipelago in the tropical […]

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  • Antarctic Sea Ice Sets New Record High

    • Date: 03/06/15
    • Reporting Climate Science

    Sea ice extent in Antarctica last month set a new record high for the month of May, according to data from the US National Snow and Ice Data Center (NSIDC). Meanwhile Arctic sea ice extent in May was the third lowest on record but essentially the same as it was a decade ago – marginally […]

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  • The Sea Level Acceleration Trap

    • Date: 13/05/15
    • Dr David Whitehouse

    Although sea-level changed dramatically when we came out of the Ice Age and in the following millennia, historical sea-level change is a relatively recent thing. From the time of the Romans until about 200 years ago there was very little change in sea level. But then something happened, we know not what, that caused the […]

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  • The “Pause” and the Pacific

    • Date: 12/05/15

    One of the major questions in climate science is what changes are natural, what changes are forced by increasing levels of greenhouse gasses, and how do they interplay? In a recent paper focusing on changes in northern hemisphere oceanic temperatures Steinman et al (2015) say that knowing the difference between forced and unforced is essential. They […]

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