• North Atlantic Cooling in 2018

    • Date: 12/09/18
    • Ron Clutz, Science Matters

    For the last few years, observers have been speculating about when the North Atlantic will start the next phase shift from warm to cold. Source: Energy and Education Canada An example is this report in May 2015 The Atlantic is entering a cool phase that will change the world’s weather by Gerald McCarthy and Evan Haigh of […]

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  • Benefits Of Global Warming: Global Tree Cover Is Expanding Rapidly

    • Date: 06/09/18
    • Ronald Bailey, Reason Online

    Global tree canopy cover increased by 2.24 million square kilometers (865,000 square miles) between 1982 and 2016, reports a new study in Nature. These new findings contradict earlier studies that reported a continuing net loss of forest cover.   Researchers using satellite data tracked the changes in various land covers to find that gains in forest area […]

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  • Global Temperatures Drop Back To 2002 Levels

    • Date: 02/09/18
    • Paul Homewood, Not A Lot Of People Know THat

    Global temperatures fell back to 0.19C in August. This means the YTD average is 0.23C, putting them back to roughly where they were in 2002.   Global temperatures fell back to 0.19C in August. This means the YTD average is 0.23C, putting them back to roughly where they were in 2002. Arctic sea ice is […]

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  • ‘We Will Not Debate’ – How Science Becomes Dogma

    • Date: 30/08/18
    • Dr David Whitehouse, GWPF Science Editor

    Some climate scientists, authors and advocates could learn from how cosmologists deal with scientific controversy. Science is of course a human enterprise full of the imperfections of humanity. It’s more competitive than it’s ever been and there are more scientists than ever. So many want to communicate their science and this is wonderful. But the […]

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  • About That ‘ Global Heatwave’ …

    • Date: 30/08/18
    • Paul Matthews, Climate Scepticism

    At the end of July, the alarmist media was shrieking hysterically about a “global heatwave”. 2018’s global heat wave is so pervasive it’s surprising scientists The global heat wave that’s been killing us The ‘Cause’ of the Deadly Global Heatwave Shocking Global Map Shows the Extent of a Global Heat Wave Global heatwave: Climate change […]

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  • Exposed ‘Hunger Stones’ Reveal Europe’s History Of Lengthy Droughts

    • Date: 27/08/18
    • NPR

    A lengthy drought in Europe has exposed carved boulders, known as “hunger stones,” that have been used for centuries to commemorate historic droughts — and warn of their consequences. Scientists discover that recent droughts have been extreme, but not as long-lasting or as massive as the worst of the historic ones. A “hunger stone” exposed […]

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  • New Study: Corals Adapt Genes In Response To Environmental Stress

    • Date: 20/08/18
    • Phys.org

    Scientists have discovered the first molecular evidence that corals and anemones can optimize their gene expression when exposed to environmental stress, enabling them to acclimatize to extreme conditions such as those experienced during climate change. “In a nutshell, we could train toughened corals in nurseries to improve their thermal resilience, helping them to better cope […]

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  • Easter Island’s Society Might Not Have Collapsed

    • Date: 16/08/18
    • Phys.org

    “The idea of competition and collapse on Easter Island might be overstated,” says lead author of a new study, Dale Simpson Jr., an archaeologist from the University of Queensland. “To me, the stone carving industry is solid evidence that there was cooperation among families and craft groups.” The first people arrived on Easter Island (or, […]

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