• 2015: A Very Good Year For…Warm Weather

    • Date: 22/10/15

    Dr David Whitehouse This year is probably going to set a record for global annual average surface temperature. Given this it is inevitable that there will be assertions that the much-debated “pause” in surface temperature is over and that global warming has resumed. Peter Hannam Environment Editor of the The Sydney Morning Herald is sure […]

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  • Global Warming ‘Pause’ Far From Over

    • Date: 14/10/15
    • Bob Tisdale, Watts Up With That

    It’s very hard to overlook the fact that, over the past decade, climate models are simulating way too much warming and are diverging rapidly from reality. This post provides an update of the values for the three primary suppliers of global land+ocean surface temperature reconstructions—GISS through September 2015 and HADCRUT4 and NCEI (formerly NCDC) through […]

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  • UK Summers Getting Cooler

    • Date: 06/10/15
    • Paul Homewood, Not A Lot Of People Know That

    Contrary to claims by the Met Office UK summers have actually been getting cooler since 2006. Indeed, the 5-year average is back down to what it was in 1992. We are all familiar with predictions that the UK will soon be having Mediterranean summers every year. According to the Met Office’s Climate: Observations, Projections and Impacts, issued […]

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  • More Evidence Of Pause In Arctic Sea Ice Loss

    • Date: 03/10/15
    • Paul Homewood, Not A Lot Of People Know That

    End of September assessment reinforces the “pause” in Arctic ice trends at this time of year since 2007, and arguably 2005. NSIDC have now published the Arctic sea ice extents for the end of September. This is how things compare with previous years: ftp://sidads.colorado.edu/DATASETS/NOAA/G02135/north/daily/data/ Although the minimum this year dipped below the last two years, […]

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  • Natural Cooling Process Could Be Twice As Powerful As Thought

    • Date: 02/10/15
    • Rob Virtue, Daily Express

    A natural cooling process which reverses the effects of global warming could be nearly twiceas powerful as scientists previously believed. The research has thrown climate change estimates in doubt Research has identified a natural system where volatile organic compounds (VOC) are emitted into the air from the sea. These VOCs cause the climate to cool […]

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  • Arctic Ice Recovering

    • Date: 28/09/15
    • Ron Clutz, Science Matters

    MASIE Proves Yearly Arctic Ice Recovering You will be hearing a lot about 2015 having the fourth lowest minimum Arctic ice extent ever recorded. Here is what they are not telling you: MASIE has very helpfully provided their records for the last ten years.  Since stormy weather can affect both maximum and minimum ice extents, […]

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  • Arctic Ice Pause Enters Ninth Year

    • Date: 22/09/15
    • Dr David Whitehouse

    One of the major items of climate news in the past week or so has been the minimum Arctic ice extent that is reached in September each year. Worldwide there were hundreds of reports all saying the same thing; Arctic sea ice reaches the fourth record low. After last year’s increase in minimal ice extent […]

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  • Met Office Shows How To Simplify, Then Exaggerate

    • Date: 18/09/15
    • Dr David Whitehouse

    A new Met Office report: Big changes underway in the climate system? released this week, is a textbook example of poor science communication. The report is described as new research. It isn’t. It pretends to be an even-handed assessment of current science, but in reality ties itself up in contradictions whilst trying to imply it knows […]

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