• Why India Didn’t Do A Climate Deal With Obama

    • Date: 28/01/15
    • Walter Russell Mead, The American Interest

    President Obama returned from meetings with his counterpart Narendra Modi this week without the kind of historic climate deal the U.S. and China announced in Beijing two months ago. That is apparently surprising some, who expected Modi and Obama to keep the bilateral climate agreement momentum going. The new New Republic reports: Instead, the U.S. and India issued a modest joint […]

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  • Climategate, The Sequel: How We Are Still Being Tricked With Flawed Data on global warming

    • Date: 25/01/15
    • Christopher Booker, The Sunday Telegraph

    Something very odd has been going on with the temperature data relied on by the world’s scientists. Although it has been emerging for seven years or more, one of the most extraordinary scandals of our time has never hit the headlines. Yet another little example of it lately caught my eye when, in the wake […]

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  • Richard Lindzen: Climate Alarmism Is A Doomsday Cult

    • Date: 22/01/15
    • Howie Carr, Breitbart News

    An MIT professor of meteorology is dismissing global-warming alarmists as a discredited “cult” whose members are becoming more hysterical as emerging evidence continues to contradict their beliefs. During an appearance on this writer’s radio show Monday, MIT Professor emeritus Richard Lindzen discussed the religious nature of the movement. “As with any cult, once the mythology of […]

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  • New Paper: Unintended Consequences Of Climate Policies Unethical

    • Date: 19/01/15
    • Global Warming Policy Foundation

    London, 19 January: A new paper by Andrew Montford and published today by the Global Warming Policy Foundation examines the unintended consequences of climate change policy around the world. We are constantly told about the risks of what climate change might bring in the distant future. In response, governments have adopted a series of policy measures […]

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  • Oil Plunge Seen Eroding Climate Policy Ambitions

    • Date: 08/01/15
    • Mathew Carr, Bloomberg

    While the falling price of crude oil is giving consumers cheaper energy, it’s threatening long-term global climate policy efforts. Reduced national income from energy taxes and “a low-growth economic environment” might spur countries to curtail their emissions-curbing pledges for after 2020, leading to more emissions of carbon for a longer time, said Zoe Knight, head […]

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  • Polar Ice Caps More Stable Than Predicted

    • Date: 07/01/15
    • Prime Time, Sun News TV

    Reports are showing that the polar ice caps are not melting away. Instead, climate scientists say the ice caps may be much thicker and more stable than previously thought. Canada’s Sun News TV talks to Dr Benny Peiser about the implications of the new observations.

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  • Climate Sceptics Are From Mars And Warmists Are From Venus

    • Date: 05/01/15
    • A Chemist in Langley

    Type I and Type II error avoidance and its possible role in the climate change debate As I mention in my “about me” section, I have been reading the climate change literature since the early 1990’s. In doing so I have developed my personal views on the topic that are loosely defined as those of […]

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  • World Leaders Deny Climate Dangers, Attenborough Claims

    • Date: 01/01/15
    • Tom Bawden, The Independent

    Sir David Attenborough is calling on global leaders to step-up their actions to curb climate change, saying that they are in denial about the dangers it poses despite the overwhelming evidence about its risks. The TV naturalist said those who wield power need to use it: “Wherever you look there are huge risks. The awful […]

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