• Tuvalu PM Criticises Demand For Climate Change Evidence

    • Date: 08/12/15
    • Reuters

    Tuvalu’s prime minister says his country is being expected to provide unreasonably robust scientific evidence to prove it is a victim of climate change to qualify for international support. Enele Sosene Sopoaga issued another stark warning to fellow negotiators at the Paris climate talks that without a binding deal to limit global warming, his tiny […]

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  • Sunday Times Claims ‘Greenhouse Gases To Fall’

    • Date: 07/12/15
    • Jonathan Leake, The Sunday Times

    The world’s once-surging greenhouse gas emissions, blamed for global warming, may have gone into decline. Figures to be published this week will show that global emissions neared a plateau last year and could fall this year — even as the world economy is growing.   Scientists will say this week that man-made emissions “nearly stalled” […]

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  • COP21: Constructive Conference Or A Waste Of time?

    • Date: 05/12/15
    • Al Jazeera, Counting the Cost

    More than 40,000 delegates from 195 countries are attending COP21 in the French capital, Paris – tasked with reaching the first truly universal climate pact. But will the summit lead to a meaningful agreement on carbon emissions? On this week’s Counting the Cost we show you the effects of climate change around the world, and […]

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  • COP21, Day 5: Rich vs Poor (Deadlock Coming Soon)

    • Date: 04/12/15
    • Nitin Sethi, Business Standard

    A full blown argument between the developed and developing countries over the application of principle of common but differentiated responsibilities to the Paris agreement rocked the summit as it drew closer to the end of the first week of negotiations. With developed countries blocking any proposal to operationalize the principle in the Paris agreement through […]

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  • COP Ritual, Day 3: After The Hype And Hope, Scepticism And Doubt

    • Date: 02/12/15
    • Chetan Chauhan, Hindustan Times,

    From optimism the first day, the Paris climate talks descended into scepticism on Wednesday with negotiators shoehorning new agenda for a likely international agreement to cope with global warming. Laurent Fabius, French foreign minister and president of the conference, expressed concern over the “slow pace” of negotiations in the different auxiliary groups with each one […]

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  • New Report: The Truth About China

    • Date: 02/12/15
    • Global Warming Policy Foundation

    China will talk a good game at the UN Climate Conference in Paris, but won’t make any binding commitments, concludes The Truth About China, an important new report published today by the Global Warming Policy Foundation. “China’s Communist Party has as its highest priority its own self-preservation, and that self-preservation depends overwhelmingly on its ability to […]

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  • Obama’s Prophecy Of Doom: ‘Hour Is Almost Upon On Us’ For ‘Submerged Countries, Abandoned Cities’

    • Date: 01/12/15
    • Fred Lucas, The Blaze

    President Barack Obama urged leaders and attendees from nearly 200 countries at the opening session of COP21, the U.N. climate conference in Paris, to “act here, act now” to prevent a climate catastrophe. “That hour is almost upon us.” “I believe, in the words of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., that there is such a […]

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  • Charles Moore: The End Is Nigh For Climate Activists

    • Date: 30/11/15
    • Charles Moore, The Daily Telegraph

    The reason that there will not be a legally binding agreement (or at least not a genuinely enforceable one) is the growth of something which the Left has always called for, but doesn’t quite like when it gets it – the power of the developing world. Poor Paris. Less than three weeks ago, the scene […]

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