• Insurers: El Niño And Global Warming Make Natural Disasters Less Expensive

    • Date: 06/01/16
    • Andrew Follett, Daily Caller News Foundation

    Due to El Niño and global warming, 2015 natural disasters are much less costly than expected, according to a study by an insurance industry group. The insurance industry’s largest losses in recent years are due to severe winter weather. Global warming and El Niño — a weather event that warms up ocean temperatures in South America, causing the […]

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  • Nico Stehr: Good Climate, Bad Democracy

    • Date: 04/01/16
    • Nico Stehr, Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung

    An increasing number of climatologists are critics of democracy. Only autocratic governments could avert catastrophe, they believe.  Disasters, such as a refugee crisis, a stock market crash, an extreme weather event or the bursting of a speculative bubble seem to hit democratic societies almost always by surprise. Climate change is, however, no calamity, but it […]

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  • Central England Temperature Pause Now 17 Years Long

    • Date: 03/01/16
    • Paul Homewood, Not A Lot Of People Know That

    Despite the warm end to the year, the annual CET ended up pretty close to the long term average. http://www.metoffice.gov.uk/hadobs/hadcet/index.html As I have pointed out before, the Met Office only like to show the CET since 1772. For some reason, they don’t like people to see the full picture, which just happens to include the […]

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  • Reminder: Why Did The Met Office Forecast A Dry Winter?

    • Date: 28/12/15
    • Global Warming Policy Forum

    Why did the Met Office forecast that the 2013/14 winter would be dry and experience below average precipitation? To answer this question we need to recall the two very dry winters of 2011 and 2012. Last winter, the UK experienced some of the wettest and stormiest weather ever recorded. These storms and floods raise the […]

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  • Indian Floods Not Linked To Global Warming – Environment Minister

    • Date: 22/12/15
    • Times of India

    ‘Extreme rainfall that occurred over coastal districts of Tamil Nadu is highly localised and is part of the natural variability of the Indian monsoon system.’ Days after the Chennai floods caught global attention during the just concluded Paris conference where world leaders linked such extreme weather conditions to climate change, the government on Monday said […]

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  • Reminder: Climate Change ‘Causing Colder British Winters’ Says Met Office Chief Scientist

    • Date: 18/12/15
    • Huffington Post

    11 April 2013: The chief scientist at the Met Office has called an urgent meeting to discuss the effects of climate change, saying the melting of the arctic may be causing the UK’s recent spate of perishing weather. After a winter in which temperatures dropped as low as −15.6C, Dr Julia Slingo told ITV News […]

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  • Green Activists Hugely Disappointed About Paris Climate Deal

    • Date: 17/12/15
    • The Guardian

    James Hansen calls Paris talks ‘a fraud’ Mere mention of the Paris climate talks is enough to make James Hansen grumpy. The former Nasa scientist, considered the father of global awareness of climate change, is a soft-spoken, almost diffident Iowan. But when he talks about the gathering of nearly 200 nations, his demeanour changes. “It’s […]

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  • Rich Lowry: Climate Make-Believe In Paris

    • Date: 15/12/15
    • Rich Lowry, Jewish World Review

    Saving the planet has never been so easy. The Paris climate talks concluded in a rousing round of self-congratulation over an agreement that, we are told, is the first step toward keeping Earth habitable. If generating headlines and press releases about making history were the metric for anything, Paris might be as consequential — if […]

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