• Who’d A Thought It? Whales ‘Adapt To Sea Warming’

    • Date: 05/04/15
    • Mark Macaskill, The Sunday Times

    Whales have dramatically changed their feeding habits in response to global warming, according to scientists in Scotland and Canada who have observed for the first time how long-lived species adapt to climate change. Fin and humpback whales, which can live for more than 80 years, are arriving at prime summer feeding grounds in the North […]

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  • Twitter Censors Suspend Second Climate Sceptic’s Account

    • Date: 04/04/15
    • Donna Rachel Edmunds, Breitbart London

    Twitter has suspended the account of a second global warming sceptic for use of the word ‘crap’, despite his opponent using the same word in a debate on global temperatures on the social media network. Tom Nelson is the second sceptic to have his account suspended in recent weeks. (h/t WUWT) In an email to Anthony […]

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  • Obama’s UN Climate Pledge Could Be Undone By Legal & Legislative Challenges

    • Date: 01/04/15
    • Mark Drajem, Bloomberg

    President Barack Obama’s pledge to the United Nations Tuesday to sharply cut greenhouse-gas emissions relies on being able to rebuff legal and legislative challenges — and the continuing availability of cheap natural gas. It’s no slam dunk. A coal-industry suit over the Environmental Protection Agency’s plan to force reductions in emissions from power plants is […]

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  • Public Submissions To Be Accepted By Australian Temperature Review Panel

    • Date: 30/03/15
    • Graham Lloyd, The Australian

    An independent review of the Bur­eau of Meteorology’s national temperature records has expanded its probe beyond the terms of reference set by the federal government to include public submissions of concerns. A full-day workshop was held last week and included briefings from BoM staff but the chairman of the technical review panel, Ron Sandland, told The […]

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  • College-Educated Republicans Most Skeptical of Global Warming

    • Date: 27/03/15
    • Gallup

    Republicans with higher levels of education are more likely than those in their parties with less education to say that the seriousness of global warming is “generally exaggerated.” By contrast, Democrats with some college or more are less likely than those with less education to believe the seriousness of global warming is exaggerated. Seventy-four percent […]

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  • Gallup: Quarter of Americans Are Climate Sceptics

    • Date: 26/03/15
    • Jo Nova

    After 20 years of propaganda the section of the population that is not buying the scare is steadily increasing. The number of hard core skeptics, people who are worried “not at all” has doubled from 12 to 24%; and the trend is up. The new Gallup Poll is out. Most commentators are focused on the worried “a […]

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  • Alarmism Cools: Less Than A Third Of Americans Still Worry About Global Warming Says Gallup

    • Date: 26/03/15
    • Jennifer Harper, The Washington Times

    Less than a third of Americans are now concerned about global warming and climate change: 32 percent fret about those environmental factors says the annual Gallup Environmental survey, released Wednesday. Naturally, there’s a partisan divide: 13 percent of Republicans are concerned about global warming and climate problems, compared to 52 percent of Democrats.  The majority of […]

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  • Gallup: US Concern About Climate Change Drops To 1980s Levels

    • Date: 25/03/15
    • Gallup

    PRINCETON, N.J. — Americans’ concern about several major environmental threats has eased after increasing last year. As in the past, Americans express the greatest worry about pollution of drinking water, and the least about global warming or climate change. The results are based on Gallup’s annual Environment survey, conducted March 5-8. Gallup trends on many […]

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