• Climate School Strike: A Warning From History For Pupils & Parents

    • Date: 14/02/19
    • About History

    The Story of the Famous And Foolish Children’s Crusade In early 1212, a young man named Nicholas from Cologne either initiated or quickly became the focus of a popular apocalyptic movement that swept through the Rhineland. Thousands of children joined him on his crusade. As Nicholas and his followers marched from town to town, they […]

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  • IPPR Climate Lies Promoted By BBC & The Guardian

    • Date: 13/02/19
    • Paul Matthews, Climate Scepticism

    The self-styled “progressive” think tank IPPR has issued a ridiculously alarmist report today, This is a crisis: Facing up to the age of environmental breakdown. The report recycles various bogus scares, and contains obvious falsehoods such as • Since 2005, the number of floods across the world has increased by 15 times The IPCC says in AR5 that […]

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  • The GWPF 2019 Temperature Prediction Competition

    • Date: 08/02/19
    • Global Warming Policy Forum

    With GWPF readers having trounced the Met Office at predicting temperatures for 2018, it will very interesting to see if you can do just as well for 2019. So we hereby announce the 2019 HadCRUT temperature prediction competition. Once again, the opportunity is there to win some magnificent prizes: more whisky, and your choice of […]

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  • House Democrats Held the First Climate Change Hearings In 6 Years: What A Mess

    • Date: 07/02/19
    • Michael Bastasch, The Daily Caller

    Top House Democrats finally got their wish to hold the first hearings on global warming in six years Wednesday, but both committee hearings meandered into discussions of civil rights, race and apocalyptic warnings without much talk about science. The House Committee on Natural Resources hearing started off with testimony from Govs. Roy Cooper of North […]

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  • Dutch Climate Intelligence Foundation Challenges Belgian Climate Alarmists

    • Date: 05/02/19
    • Climate Intelligence Foundation, Holland

    No less than 3200 Belgian academics support a terrifying climate story and claim it is five to twelve. According to them, draconian measures are necessary to save the world. Herewith our reaction[1]. Science versus religion Science differs from religion because theoretical claims have to be verified with observations. If modelling results can predict measurements in […]

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  • Evil Whites Caused The Little Ice Age By Bringing Small-Pox To America

    • Date: 02/02/19
    • Jo Nova

    Is it April 1st in London? The BBC is reporting that academics from University College London have discovered that the Little Ice Age was not caused by the record low solar activity of the Maunder Minima, instead it was due to the colonization of the Americas. Thanks mostly to measles and small pox the death […]

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  • Prof Guus Berkhout: Stop The Doom-And-Gloom Mongering

    • Date: 29/01/19
    • JAS Foundation, Holland

    Professor Guus Berkhout is setting up a new international climate institute in the Netherlands. Jan van Friesland interview with Guus Berkhout Professor Guus Berkhout is considered an energetic optimist. After an impressive scientific career in geophysics, science does not let him go. And certainly not when it comes to the Earth’s climate. According to him, climate […]

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  • Climate Witch Hunter Spits His Dummy Out, After Losing Yet Another IPSO Complaint

    • Date: 25/01/19
    • Paul Homewood, Not A Lot Of People Know That

    Bob Ward has thrown his toys out of the pram, after he had yet another complaint rejected by IPSO. This time he complained about Booker’s article in the Mail last summer about the heatwave. Below are the segments he complained about: […] Ward has made a habit of making vexatious complaints about articles, which don’t […]

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