• Germany Fails To Approve National Climate Plan

    • Date: 05/11/16
    • Deutsche Welle

    Germany’s failure to approve a national climate plan to bring to the table at the UN international climate conference has sparked a round of finger-pointing over who is responsible for the blow to the country’s green reputation. German Environment Minister Barbara Hendricks has vented her frustration over the prospect of representing her country at the talks in Marrakesh next […]

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  • Annual COP Ritual: Paris Agreement Will Lead To Climate Catastrophe

    • Date: 04/11/16
    • Jessica Shankleman, Bloomberg

    This week’s early entry into force of the Paris Agreement on climate change won’t save the planet from rising seas, superstorms and deadly drought, according to the United Nations. Without further pledges to curb emissions, temperatures are set to rise by as much as 3.4 degrees Celsius (6.1 degrees Fahrenheit) compared to pre-industrial levels, according to a […]

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  • Not Hacked: Pachauri Lied, Forensic Report Reveals

    • Date: 02/11/16
    • Raghav Ohri, Times of India

    NEW DELHI: Not hacked. Electronic devices used by RK Pachauri, the ex-chief of TERI [and former head of the IPCC] being investigated for sexual harassment, were not hacked, the Forensic Science Laboratory (FSL), Gandhinagar, has said in a confidential report submitted to Delhi Police.  Pachauri had said his personal electronic devices had been hacked. Delhi […]

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  • Matt Ridley: 2016 Annual GWPF Lecture Video

    • Date: 01/11/16
    • Global Warming Policy Foundation

    Matt Ridley delivered the 2016 Annual GWPF Lecture at the Royal Society, London 17 October  For the PDF of the lecture click here or on the image below    

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  • Sun Goes Quiet As It Heads Toward Solar Minimum

    • Date: 01/11/16
    • Paul Dorian, Vencore Weather

    The current solar cycle is the 24th since 1755 when extensive recording of solar sunspot activity began and is the weakest in more than a century with the fewest sunspots since cycle 14 peaked in February 1906. The current solar image shows one sunspot region (circled) as the sun heads toward the next minimum phase; […]

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  • Today’s Happy Climate News

    • Date: 19/10/16
    • Steven Hayward, Power Line

    I can’t decide whether this story is proof that climate change isn’t all gloom-and-doom all the time, or whether climate change is just one more aspect of the Oppressive Patriarchy. From Science Daily: Climate change will see some males get sexier A common marine crustacean has shown researchers that it’s all set to beat climate change […]

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  • Benefits Of Latest Climate Deal May Fall Short Of High Hopes

    • Date: 17/10/16
    • Reuters

    A pact by almost 200 nations to slash greenhouse gases used in refrigerators and air conditioners will likely fall short of governments’ hopes of averting a full half-degree Celsius (0.9 Fahrenheit) of warming this century, scientists say. Saturday’s agreement in Kigali, Rwanda, is the biggest single step to limit climate change since governments reached a global agreement […]

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  • Countries Agree To Phase Out 85% of HFCs By 2045

    • Date: 15/10/16
    • Jacob Koshy, The Hindu

    One hundred and seven countries came to an agreement in Kigali, Rwanda, on Saturday, to substantially phase out a potent greenhouse gas by 2045 and move to prevent a potential 0.5 C rise in global temperature by 2050. Hydrofluorocarbons (HFCs) are a family of gases that are largely used in refrigerants in home and car […]

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