• The Inconvenient Truth Behind MIT’s Study Linking Hurricane Harvey To Global Warming

    • Date: 15/11/17
    • Michael Bastasch. The Daily Caller

    A new study is making waves in the media, claiming to finally address the question of man-made global warming’s role in Hurricane Harvey’s record-setting rainfall. There’s one huge caveat: the scientists didn’t actually study Hurricane Harvey itself. Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) professor Kerry Emanuel, a renowned hurricane expert, and his colleagues published their findings on Monday, claiming […]

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  • Climate Champion China Leads The World … To Record CO2 Emissions

    • Date: 13/11/17
    • Financial Times

    Stronger Chinese economic growth will push global greenhouse gas emissions to a record high in 2017 after remaining flat for three years, dashing tentative hopes of a turning point in the world’s efforts to curb climate change. A new report by the Global Carbon Project, an international research consortium, predicts that carbon dioxide emissions from […]

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  • German Greens Drop Car And Coal Policies In Coalition Talks With Merkel

    • Date: 08/11/17
    • The Guardian

    Decision to drop key issues welcomed by other negotiating parties but criticised by some supporters  Angela Merkel is followed through a glass corridor by the Green party co-leader Katrin Göring-Eckardt during the coalition talks. Photograph: Filip Singer/EPA Germany’s Green party has agreed to compromise on key environmental issues in talks between parties hoping to form […]

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  • Eco-Fascism: Prominent Environmentalist Proposes Climate Dictatorship

    • Date: 05/11/17
    • Bjorn Lomborg

    Prominent environmentalist proposes a climate dictatorship because democracy is just not willing to do his policies. Svenska Dagblatt, 5 November 2017 The gall of this argument is staggering. It is even more staggering that the Swedish newspaper bringing this large interview today does not clearly mark the viewpoint as extreme and unreasonable. Instead, they seriously […]

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  • Will Climate Change Controversy Bring Down Angela Merkel?

    • Date: 04/11/17
    • Augsburger Allgemeine

    When it comes to climate change, there are worlds apart between Germany’s aspiring Jamaica Coalition partners. It is all about coal and it is not certain the divide can be bridged. When the wind is not blowing and the sky is overcast by dark clouds, wind turbines and solar panels cannot generate any electricity. Energy […]

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  • German Wind Farms To Be Terminated As Subsidies Run Out

    • Date: 31/10/17
    • DPA/ZDF

    Wind power is the most important component of Germany’s green energy transition. The end of subsides for older turbines, however, threatens countless wind farms. By 2023, more than a quarter of Germany’s onshore wind farms may be gone. Several thousand wind turbines in Germany are likely to be closed down in the next decade because they […]

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  • Germany’s Climate Goals Go Up in Smoke

    • Date: 31/10/17
    • Handelsblatt Global

    Germany is often seen as a poster child for tackling climate change. In fact, the country seems almost certain to spectacularly miss its carbon emissions reduction goals for the year 2020. The climate issue is a crucial sticking point in coalition talks to form a new government under Chancellor Angela Merkel: The Green Party wants to […]

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  • BBC Under Fire For ‘Caving In’ To Climate Change Lobby

    • Date: 26/10/17
    • Katherine Rushton, Daily Mail

    The BBC has been accused of ‘caving in’ to climate change lobbyists after apologising for an interview with global warning sceptic Lord Lawson. The former Tory Chancellor inaccurately claimed in an August episode of the Today Programme that global temperatures have ‘slightly declined’ over the last decade. The Global Warming Policy Foundation that he launched […]

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