• Ukraine ‘Using Russia Conflict As Excuse For Climate Inaction’

    • Date: 01/10/15
    • Alex Pashley, Climate Home

    Ukraine is using conflict with Russian-backed rebels to justify lacklustre climate proposals, according to campaigners. The eastern European country pledged on Wednesday to cut emissions 40% below 1990 levels by 2030 in its contribution to a UN climate pact. That is a de-facto rise of more than 40% on 2012 levels of 402 million tonnes of carbon dioxide-equivalent, […]

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  • Paris Climate Summit And The 100 Billion Dollar Question

    • Date: 29/09/15
    • Reuters

    India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi met U.S. President Barack Obama and France and Britain’s leaders on Monday, and called for a climate change agenda from upcoming global talks in Paris that helps developing countries with access to finance and technology.  Modi said after meeting Obama that he and the American president shared an “uncompromising” commitment […]

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  • Little Progress On Climate Change, Despite Nations’ Pledges

    • Date: 28/09/15
    • Eli Kintisch, Science Magazine

    Current national commitments to cut greenhouse gases would likely allow average global temperatures to rise by 3.5°C by 2100, suggest new modeling results released today. That is well above the 2°C rise deemed safe by many policymakers and researchers. The analysis, appearing roughly 2 months ahead of a United Nations meeting in Paris intended to finalize a […]

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  • The Slow Death Of Climate Hysteria

    • Date: 27/09/15
    • Kalev Leetaru, Forbes

    Over the last eight years the web-searching public has steadily decreased its interest in the latest information and news about climate change, even as major world leaders make the topic a central thrust of their public diplomacy. It has been a busy week for climate change. In his first visit to the United States, Pope […]

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  • Relatively Few In US & Europe See Climate Change As A Serious Concern

    • Date: 26/09/15
    • Jill Carle, Pew Research Center

    Pope Francis is generally popular around the world, but when he highlights the global effects of climate change Friday at the United Nations General Assembly, he may get a lukewarm reception from many Americans and Europeans. Global climate change was the top-rated threat in a 40-nation Pew Research Center survey conducted in spring 2015 – […]

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  • Pope’s Climate Message Unlikely To Sway Republicans

    • Date: 24/09/15
    • Andrew Restuccia and Darren Goode, Politico

    The pope’s pleas to take action on climate change will fall on deaf ears with many Republicans when he speaks before a joint session of Congress. Pope Francis has already made the issue a prominent part of his visit to Washington, using brief remarks at the White House on Wednesday to call climate change “a […]

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  • Climate Crusade Risks Being Blemished By VW Emissions Scandal

    • Date: 22/09/15
    • Patrick Donahue, Bloomberg

    German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s lectures on environmental responsibility may ring a little hollow when she heads to New York this weekend.  Merkel, who for years has straddled between pushing to reduce global warming while protecting her country’s auto industry, is faced with Volkswagen AG’s emissions-cheating scandal just as she travels to the United Nations to cajole leaders into […]

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  • Mental Stress: Is It Climate Change Or Climate Misreporting?

    • Date: 21/09/15
    • The Lukewarmer's Way

    Major news organisations are contributing to what the Portland Press Herald describes as: “fear, despair, a sense of being overwhelmed or powerless.” Maine’s Portland Press Herald published a long and thoughtful piece on the reactions of Americans to our changing climate. Unlike some pieces in the media that are dashed off with a couple of taglines, the story […]

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