• Understanding the U.S.-China Announcement On Climate Change

    • Date: 18/03/15
    • George David Banks, ACCF Center for Policy Research, March 2015

    In diplomacy, negotiated text and the choice of words matter greatly. Perhaps more important are the words that are absent from any type of declaration or agreement. Last year’s U.S.-China Announcement on Climate Change is rich in what it says and does not say. Interestingly, both sides of the U.S. climate policy debate have framed […]

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  • Obama Confident US Republicans Will Change Climate Policy

    • Date: 17/03/15
    • Michael Bastasch, Daily Caller

    President Barack Obama is confident that Republicans will be forced to see things his way when it comes to policies aimed at tackling global warming. The president told VICE News he can “guarantee you that the Republican Party will have to change its approach to climate change because voters will insist upon it.” It’s just not the […]

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  • Danish Researchers Debunk Climate Myth: Greenland’s Norse Settlers Adapted To Cold Conditions

    • Date: 17/03/15
    • Christian Wenande, The Copenhagen Post

    Little Ice Age played less of a part than previously believed The Vikings settled in two areas in Greenland three years after discovering it in 982 (photo: Bogdan Biusca) A new comprehensive Danish research project has debunked the myth that Norse settlers were forced to abandon Greenland because of the adverse climate conditions. The research […]

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  • Flashback: James Hansen Predicted New Ice Age By 2021, ‘No Need To Worry About CO2′

    • Date: 12/03/15
    • The Hockey Schtick

    Flashback from the Washington Times, July 9, 1971, a NASA scientist using a “computer program developed by Dr. James Hansen” predicted an ice age would occur within 50-60 years. According to Hansen’s computer model, “they found no need to worry about the carbon dioxide fuel-burning puts in the atmosphere.” Full post

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  • More Evidence Of Climate Data Tampering By NOAA?

    • Date: 10/03/15
    • Michael Bastasch, The Daily Caller

    When Dr. Roy Spencer looked up summer temperature data for the U.S. Corn Belt, it showed no warming trend for over a century. But that was before temperatures were “adjusted” by National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration climate scientists — now the same data shows a significant warming trend. Spencer, a climate scientist at the University […]

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  • It’s OK To Lie About Climate Change – Yale Project

    • Date: 02/03/15
    • Paul Homewood, Not A Lot Of People Know That

    What has Anthony Leiserowitz been smoking?   Studies recently show that the global warming trend is in a bit of a slowdown. Does that mean we may be nearing the end of the heating period? Well, experts say that the slowdown may be quite misleading. The study authors describe, “The recent slowdown in global warming […]

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  • Climate Change Linked to Variations in Solar Activity

    • Date: 01/03/15
    • Aarhus University

    The activity of the Sun is an important factor in the complex interaction that controls our climate. New research now shows that the impact of the Sun is not constant over time, but has greater significance when the Earth is cooler. There has been much discussion as to whether variations in the strength of the […]

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  • Ice Is Melting But The Polar Bears Are Fine, Say Sceptics

    • Date: 27/02/15
    • Ben Webster, The Times

    Polar bear populations are recovering well despite claims that declining Arctic sea ice is threatening their survival, according to a report by a group which disputes mainstream thinking on climate change. There are at least 25,000 bears, more than double the number in the 1960s, when hunting had left some populations close to collapse, according […]

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