• Bezos Bows To Activist-Employees’ Demands, Creates $10 Billion Climate Plan

    • Date: 19/02/20
    • The Daily Caller

    More than 1,000 Amazon employees walked off their jobs in September 2019 calling on Jeff Bezos to do more on global warming. On Monday the Amazon CEO bowed to their demands and announced a $10-billion plan to tackle what he says is the most important threat facing human beings: man-made global warming. Bezos is pressing […]

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  • Trump Administration Begins Work on Next National Climate Report

    • Date: 18/02/20
    • E&E News

    The next National Climate Assessment is beginning to take shape at a time when President Trump warned world leaders to reject “alarmists” and as his conservative allies make plans to intervene in the report’s preparation to question the findings of mainstream scientists. The Fifth National Climate Assessment is scheduled for release in 2022, about halfway […]

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  • Good News: Millennials Are The Biggest Climate Hypocrites

    • Date: 17/02/20
    • The Times

    Millennials often pride themselves on their eco-credentials while the baby boomer generation is accused of poor stewardship of the planet — but new research suggests otherwise. When it comes to reducing our carbon footprint, younger people fall short. They buy cheap clothes from Asos, ride Ubers rather than buses, have fast food sent via Deliveroo and eat […]

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  • We Have A Winner: Tallest Climate Tale of 2019

    • Date: 12/02/20
    • GWPF Competition

    We have been deliberating hard, and have decided upon a winner for our competition. At the start of the year, we asked GWPF readers to send us nominations for our search to find the tallest climate tale of 2019. You have not let us down, sending us in entries from around the world. An honourable mention […]

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  • Brussels Tells UK: Report To Us On Climate Change Or Forget Brexit Trade Deal

    • Date: 04/02/20
    • The Daily Telegraph

    Brussels negotiators are seeking to lock Britain into European Union rules on climate change as tensions rise over a future trade deal. The bloc wants Britain to sets up an independent watchdog to ensure it sticks to green commitments and it called on the UK to remain as part of its carbon trading market.  Boris Johnson […]

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  • Your bets have been placed

    • Date: 03/02/20
    • Andrew Montford, GWPF

    GWPF readers become more cautious on cooling We’ve now passed the deadline for entering the GWPF 2020 Global Temperature Prediction Competition. It’s fair to say there was a great deal of interest this year, with well over 300 entries received. The general theme among the punters of expecting a bit of cooling continues for another […]

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  • Drought

    • Date: 31/01/20
    • GWPF Factsheet 1

    Are droughts getting worse globally? The IPCC says it is hard to say (‘low confidence’) whether global drought has become better or worse since 1950. Figures from the US National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) show no trend in the proportion of the globe in drought since 1950 (see Figure 1). Others have suggested a […]

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  • Greta Says Her ‘Demands’ Have Been ‘Completely Ignored’ In Davos

    • Date: 25/01/20
    • Daily Mail

    Teenage climate activist Greta Thunberg said her demand at Davos that world leaders immediately stop investing in fossil fuels had been ‘completely ignored’ after she was branded ‘a joke’ by the US treasury secretary. In her speech at Davos, she told the world’s media that ‘our house is still on fire and your inaction is […]

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