• Met Office Predicts End Of Global Warming Pause (Again)

    • Date: 14/09/15
    • Press Association

    The world is likely to see a return to rapid warming in the next couple of years, scientists said, in what could signal the end of the “pause” in rising global temperatures. Experts said big changes were under way in the Earth’s climate system, with a natural phenomenon known as El Nino combining with the […]

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  • Obama’s Own Goal: Poor Nations Want U.S. To Pay Reparations For Extreme Weather

    • Date: 13/09/15
    • Thomas M. Kostigen, USA Today

    Poorer nations suffering from extreme weather disasters, so much so that their citizens are seeking refuge in safer terrains outside their borders, want rich nations like the United States to pay for reparations and to relocate populations. Preparatory talks ahead of the United Nations Conference on Climate Change to be held in Paris in December has representatives from […]

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  • Second Californian Climate Plan Falters Amid Reluctance

    • Date: 11/09/15
    • KCRA News

    SACRAMENTO, Calif. —A state senator announced Thursday that she’s abandoning a second Democratic climate change proposal amid reluctance from California lawmakers and Gov. Jerry Brown. Sen. Fran Pavley, D-Agoura Hills, said she would withdraw a vote on her bill, SB32, which calls for cutting greenhouse gas emissions by 80 percent from 1990 levels by 2050. […]

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  • UN Climate Change Body Suffers Mammoth European Carbon Fraud

    • Date: 09/09/15
    • George Russell, Fox News

    The United Nations body that oversees greenhouse gas reductions is reeling from another cap-and-trade scandal that may have put 600 million tons of carbon emissions into the atmosphere — roughly speaking, the annual CO2 output of Canada or Britain — while the emissions were ostensibly suppressed, according to an independent study. In the process, the fraudsters, […]

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  • Lack Of Progress Undermines Hope Of Meaningful UN Climate Agreement

    • Date: 08/09/15
    • Hennef Weithöner, Climate News Network

    Lack of progress at the close of “unbearably tardy” negotiations in Bonn undermines hopes of a meaningful deal being agreed at this year’s crucial UN climate summit. BERLIN, 7 September, 2015 – The latest round of climate talks in the German city of Bonnhave ended with a failure to deliver common grounds for the negotiations at the UN climate […]

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  • UN Climate Stalemate Prompts Call For World Leaders To Intervene

    • Date: 04/09/15
    • Fiona Harvey, The Guardian

    Act now to remove roadblocks and lay the groundwork for Paris climate deal, say experts including Kofi Anan as Bonn talks stumble Crunch time now: the tlatest round of pre-Paris talks have ended with many key issues unresolved. Photograph: Thomas Samson/AFP/Getty Images World leaders must step into the ongoing UN climate change negotiations, to remove […]

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  • Indian PM Modi Urges ‘Climate Justice’ Ahead Of Paris Meet

    • Date: 04/09/15
    • Times of India

    India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Thursday called for a focus on “climate justice” rather than climate change, saying the poor suffered most from global warming. India is under pressure to commit to cutting its carbon emissions ahead of a major conference in Paris later this year aimed at forging a global climate pact. It […]

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  • Eleventh Hour Panic: UN Summons Leaders To Closed-Door Climate Meeting

    • Date: 02/09/15
    • Ewa Krukowska and Alex Nussbaum, Bloomberg

    Frustrated by slow progress in global climate talks, United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon plans to invite around 40 world leaders including President Barack Obama and German Chancellor Angela Merkel to a closed- door meeting next month. The meeting will take place in New York on September 27, a day ahead of the UN general assembly, said three […]

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