• New EPA Boss Same As The Old: Pruitt Policies to Stay Intact

    • Date: 10/07/18
    • Bloomberg

    The change at the top of the Environmental Protection Agency won’t mean a dramatic shift in policy. If anything, President Donald Trump’s EPA could become even more effective at undoing Obama-era environmental policies under its new boss. That’s because the incoming acting administrator Andrew Wheeler, who’s set take over Monday following the resignation of Scott Pruitt, […]

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  • Record Temperature Readings Throughout Los Angeles Caused By ‘Faulty Weather Stations,’ Meteorologist Says

    • Date: 09/07/18
    • The Daily Caller

    Every record-high temperature reported over the last few days in the Los Angeles area are from weather stations “compromised by heat sources and heat sinks,” according to a veteran meteorologist. “In my opinion, the data from these stations is worthless,” California-based meteorologist Anthony Watts wrote on his blog Watts Up With That. That’s not to say Los […]

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  • Iranian General Says Israel Behind Climate Change And Is Stealing Clouds

    • Date: 02/07/18
    • Newsweek

    An Iranian general has accused Israel of causing climate change in the revolutionary Shiite Muslim republic by stealing the water out of clouds passing over the Mediterranean. Brigadier General Gholam Reza Jalali, head of Iran’s Civil Defense Organization, revealed the charges during an agricultural conference in the capital city of Tehran. He claimed Iranian scientific centers […]

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  • A Landmark US Climate Ruling Could Go Up In Smoke After Justice Kennedy Retires

    • Date: 01/07/18
    • Mashable

    President Donald Trump will select the next Supreme Court nominee, and it’s almost certain this individual will, at minimum, find Massachusetts v. EPA flawed or bad law. After 30 years on the Supreme Court bench, Justice Anthony Kennedy will leave the nation’s highest courthouse at the end of July. With Kennedy’s departure comes much uneasiness. One cause […]

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  • Climate-Based Shareholder Resolutions Have Zero Impact, New Study Finds

    • Date: 25/06/18
    • David Blackmon, Forbes

    A new study finds that the climate-based shareholder resolutions being so actively pushed by proxy advisory firms and their Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG)-based institutional investors have “no statistically significant impact” on a company’s bottom line, either positive or negative. The study, funded by the National Association of Manufacturers (NAM), was led by the highly-respected […]

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  • LEAKED: ClimateWorks Foundation $66 Million Campaign To Foist Climate Laws On Local Governments

    • Date: 25/06/18
    • Anthony Watts, Watts Up With That

    They planned to use all that money to influence local and state governments to enact climate laws, carbon trading, and put their tendrils even deeper into the deep state. This document, from 2016 is part of the cache of John Podesta emails (campaign manager for Hillary Clinton), is a meeting packet for an NGO called The […]

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  • Burning Wood As Renewable Energy Threatens Europe’s Climate Goals

    • Date: 23/06/18
    • Inside Climate News

    Scientists say a new EU policy on biomass is ‘simplistic and misleading’ and will increase CO2 emissions. U.S. forests are being turned into wood pellets to feed demand. The European Union declared this week that it could make deeper greenhouse gas cuts than it has already pledged under the Paris climate agreement. But its scientific […]

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  • A Conversation with Prof. Richard Lindzen

    • Date: 19/06/18
    • Watts Up With That?

    Richard Siegmund Lindzen is an American atmospheric physicist known for his work in the dynamics of the atmosphere, atmospheric tides, and ozone photochemistry. He has published more than 200 scientific papers and books. Prof. Richard Lindzen (in the middle), and his wife Nadine, in the company of Grégoire Canlorbe, in Paris in May 2018 From 1983 until his […]

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