• Bill Gray: Flaws In Applying Greenhouse Warming To Climate Variability

    • Date: 15/05/18
    • Global Warming Policy Foundation

    The climatologist Bill Gray passed away in 2016. One of the world’s leading experts on tropical hurricanes and the initiator of seasonal hurricane forecasts he was also a prominent critic of mainstream views on climate change, arguing that natural processes play a much more important role than is generally acknowledged. Before he died, Professor Gray asked colleagues […]

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  • Paris Climate Agreement In Disarray As Developing Countries Demand Long-Promised $100 Billion P.A. From Richer Nations

    • Date: 11/05/18
    • National Post

    The holdup threatens to unravel three years of work on the Paris Agreement, which set out an ambition to limit fossil-fuel pollution in all nations Two weeks of climate talks organized by the United Nations finished with developing countries demanding more clarity from their richer counterparts on when a promised package of $100 billion in […]

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  • Pentagon Removes Numerous Climate Change References From Obama-era Report

    • Date: 11/05/18
    • The Hill

    The Pentagon reportedly removed numerous references to climate change from a report about U.S. military installations, de-emphasizing the Department of Defense’s (DOD) focus on preparing for the effects of rising temperatures and sea levels. An unpublished draft of a DOD report obtained by The Washington Postshows that a final version, which was presented to Congress in January, was […]

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  • China Calls For Renegotiation Of Paris Climate Deal

    • Date: 10/05/18
    • Matt McGrath, BBC News

    UN negotiations in Bonn are set to end in stalemate today as delegates have become bogged down in technical arguments about the Paris climate pact. Poorer nations say they are fed up with foot dragging by richer countries on finance and carbon cutting commitments. Some countries, led by China are now seeking to renegotiate key […]

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  • Climate Hawk’s Stunning Fall From Grace Emboldens Climate Skeptics

    • Date: 10/05/18
    • E&E News

    Eric Schneiderman’s political foes are gleeful about — and feeling emboldened by — his demise. Former New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman (D) (right) at a 2016 press conference with former Vice President Al Gore and other state attorneys general. New York attorney general Ex-New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman (D) was at the vanguard of […]

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  • UN Climate Talks Fail To Reach Agreement On Paris Agreement Rulebook

    • Date: 09/05/18
    • Climate Home News

    UN climate officials add a week-long session in Bangkok in September to the diary, as Bonn talks make insufficient progress on the Paris Agreement rulebook The UN will hold an extra round of climate talks in Bangkok in September after lacklustre progress this fortnight. Long-rumoured talks in the Thai capital were confirmed by UN officials on Tuesday […]

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  • Study: Climate Skeptics Engage In More Eco-Friendly Behavior Than Climate Alarmists

    • Date: 06/05/18
    • Dave Huber, The College Fix

    A new study suggests those skeptical about climate change and climate alarmism behave in more climate-friendly ways than do those who are very concerned about the issue. University of Michigan psychology graduate student Michael Hall‘s study looked at 600 Americans who “regularly reported their climate change beliefs, pro-environmental behavior, and other climate-change related measures.” The results, published […]

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  • Europe’s Green Failure: CO2 Emissions Rising

    • Date: 04/05/18
    • Eurostat

    BRUSSELS (Reuters) – European Union carbon emissions from burning fossil fuels increased in 2017, statistics office Eurostat said on Friday, indicating that the reduction of emissions blamed for climate change remains a challenge. Source: Eurostat Carbon emissions in the EU were up 1.8 percent from 2016, Eurostat said, with a double-digit increase in Malta and […]

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