• Sea Level History Lesson

    • Date: 11/08/10

    We are sure you’ve heard that sea level is rising? We conducted a web search on “Global Warming and Sea Level” and nearly 3.5 million websites are immediately located. And before you conduct the search yourself, you already know what you will find. The earth is getting warmer due to the buildup of greenhouse gases, […]

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  • 2010 Global Tropical Cyclone Activity Update

    • Date: 09/08/10

    Global Tropical Cyclone Activity remains at 30-year lows at least. The last 24-months of ACE at 1090 represents a decrease from the previous months and a return to the levels of September 2009. Since Hurricane Katrina (August 2005) and the publication of high-profile papers in Nature and Science, global tropical cyclone ACE has collapsed in half. This […]

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  • Hans von Storch Speaks Out On CRU, IPCC And Climate Science

    • Date: 04/08/10

    Here is an outstanding interview given by Professor Hans von Storch, one of Germany’s leading climate scientists, in an interview with Germany’s Handelsblatt (Germany’s equivalent to the Wall Street Journal) yesterday. Although a warmist, Professor Hans von Storch, much to his credit, has always kept an open ear and mind to serious climate sceptics. Here are some […]

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  • Has The IPCC Got It Wrong Over Aerosols?

    • Date: 01/08/10

    Aerosols help cool the atmosphere by encouraging cloud droplets to form icy particles which reflect sunlight, but new research suggests they could also have the opposite effect and warm the atmosphere too. Richard Lindzen, Professor of Meteorology at MIT , and his former postdoctoral researcher Youn-Sang Choi analysed cloud formation and dust aerosol data collected […]

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  • Ready For The Bin

    • Date: 30/07/10

    The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) claims that its reports are solely based on sound science. A worldwide network of volunteers has revealed that this claim is not true. Last winter it became public that a prediction in the latest report of the IPCC about the melting of the Himalayan glaciers was wrong. The warning […]

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  • Are Coral Islands Really Doomed?

    • Date: 26/07/10

    The Maldives have become a symbol of the dangers of global warming, amid fears the low-lying nation could disappear as a result of rising sea levels. But one team of scientists believes the truth is more complicated. The Maldives coral islands, they postulate, may be growing with the rising waters. For many scientists, there are […]

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  • Not Warming-Up To War?

    • Date: 23/07/10

    Literally thousands of websites pound home the idea that global warming is a threat to our national security and that violent conflicts will result from disruptions caused by climate change. Many of the websites point to a study released several years ago by the CNA Corporation which is a nonprofit institution that conducts in-depth, independent […]

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  • Green Activist: IPCC Chief Says Grassroots Must Lead On Climate Action

    • Date: 21/07/10

    Rajendra Pachauri, the occasionally controversial head of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change said that climate action would have to bubble up from the bottom, rather than coming down from on high. “I really think the time has come for us to build from bottom to top. There is enough initiative in different countries that […]

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