• Scientists Probe Antarctic Ice to Settle Climate Debates

    • Date: 29/05/10

    WEST ANTARCTICA—At a camp here on Earth’s remotest continent, American researchers have constructed a towering drill that, like a biopsy needle, periodically plunges thousands of feet into the ice to extract an exotic marrow of frozen gases and isotopes. Their work could settle a central question in the dispute over climate change, by documenting how […]

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  • Vatican Footprint Wrong-Footed

    • Date: 26/05/10

    It appears that a Roman Curia cardinal was hoodwinked when he signed a much-publicised deal in 2007 with two entrepreneurs from the United States and Hungary who were supposed to turn the Vatican into the world’s first carbon-neutral state. An item on the Notebook page in the 21 July 2007 issue of The Tablet entitled […]

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  • We Must Stop Saying ‘The Science Demands…’

    • Date: 24/05/10

    Top climate-change expert Mike Hulme tells spiked it is a scandal that scientific claims are increasingly usurping politics and morality. ‘To say that the science demands a certain policy response to climate change is just a wrong reading of the relationship between science and policy.’ Mike Hulme, professor of climate change in the School of Environmental Sciences […]

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  • The Great Dying of Thermometers

    • Date: 21/05/10

    It’s like watching the lights go out over the West. Sinan Unur has mapped the surface stations into a beautiful animation. His is 4 minutes long and spans from 1701-2010. I’ve taken some of his snapshots and strung them into a 10 second animation. You can see as development spreads across the world that more and […]

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  • Living Longer In A Warming World

    • Date: 20/05/10

    Indur Goklany was involved with the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change as an author, U.S. delegate and reviewer since before its inception. His focuses are climate change and economic development, among others, and his presentation at Heartland’s 4th International Climate Change Conference on global warming and mortality was one of the standout presentations in the entire conference. […]

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  • ‘Global Cooling Is Coming’ – The New Climate Scare

    • Date: 19/05/10

    Contrary to the commonly held scientific conclusion that the Earth is getting warmer, a scientist who has written more than 150 peer-reviewed papers has unveiled evidence for his prediction that global cooling is coming soon. The hottest new trend in climate change may be global cooling, some researchers say. Contrary to the commonly held scientific […]

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  • A Cooling Trend

    • Date: 16/05/10

    They were friends as global warming skeptics, but then their minds and lives diverged. That these MIT experts now see the facts, and each other, so differently shows how hard climate consensus will be. It is no surprise they grew to be friends. Richard Lindzen and Kerry Emanuel are both brilliant and convivial. Both study […]

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  • Pachauri Defends IPCC’s Use Of ‘Grey Literature’

    • Date: 15/05/10

    The head of the UN’s climate change panel has defended the use of unproven science to justify climate change by saying the “grey literature” cannot be ignored. Dr Rajendra Pachauri, the chairman of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), has been under fire since a report from the charity the WWF was used to […]

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