• The Science Of Climate Change Causing Wars Is Pure Speculation

    • Date: 29/04/18
    • Albert Parker, Watts Up With That

    There have been many recent claims that “climate change” was the reason for conflicts, with also the war in Syria explained by the anthropogenic carbon dioxide emission. However, this is not settled science, as this claim is wrong. There have been, and there are, conflicts for other very well-known reasons. The causes of wars are […]

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  • As Old Divisions Return, Can UN Climate Meeting Bring Paris Agreement To Life?

    • Date: 28/04/18
    • AFP

    Front-line negotiators from more than 190 nations will gather for climate talks in Bonn on Monday. They face a daunting task: bring the 2015 Paris Agreement to life. The rift between rich and developing countries that stymied climate talks for more than two decades before the 2015 accord put all nations on the same page has […]

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  • Did You Know the Greatest Two-Year Global Cooling Event This Century Just Took Place?

    • Date: 26/04/18
    • Aaron Brown, Real Clear Markets

    Would it surprise you to learn the greatest global two-year cooling event of the last century just occurred? From February 2016 to February 2018 (the latest month available) global average temperatures dropped 0.56°C. You have to go back to 1982-84 for the next biggest two-year drop, 0.47°C—also during the global warming era. All the data […]

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  • Climate Change Not The Key Driver Of Human Conflict And Displacement In East Africa

    • Date: 25/04/18
    • University College London

    Over the last 50 years climate change has not been the key driver of the human displacement or conflict in East Africa, rather it is politics and poverty, according to new research by UCL. Human displacement refers to the total number of forcibly displaced people, and includes internally displaced people — the largest group represented […]

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  • Climate Euphoria, Climate Hysteria: Insights from the German Political-Media Complex

    • Date: 23/04/18

    An interview with Dr Philipp Lengsfeld (CDU)   Dr. Philipp Lengsfeld is a member of the Christian Democratic Party (CDU), and a former member of the German Bundestag. As a member of the committee for research and education he was the CDU/CSU MP responsible for the Office of Technology Assessment at the German Bundestag. As […]

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  • New Study: Republicans More Persuasive Than Scientists On Climate Change

    • Date: 19/04/18
    • Anthony Watts, Watts Up With That

    From the University of Connecticut and the “that’s going to leave a mark” department comes this bit of news that’s sure to cause some heads to explode. Regardless of political affiliation, people are more likely to believe facts about climate change when they come from Republicans speaking against what has become a partisan interest in […]

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  • Surprise! La Niña Isn’t Dead Yet

    • Date: 13/04/18
    • Scott Sistek, Komo News

    I have to admit it, I already had written this blog as an epitaph for La Niña. I figured it would be declared dead during NOAA’s monthly update on the La Nina/El Nino cycle, which occurs on the second Thursday of each month. Guess I have to save it for May, because La Niña: Still alive! (Although […]

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  • Model Alarmists Resurrect ‘Day After Tomorrow’ Scenario For Global Warming, ‘Unsupported By Any Data’

    • Date: 12/04/18
    • Michael Bastasch, Daily Caller

    Scientists relied on climate models, not direct measurements, to claim in a new study man-made global warming caused a slowdown in the Gulf Stream ocean current. It’s the very same scenario posed in disaster movie “The Day After Tomorrow,” where a slowdown in the Gulf Stream turned North America into a frozen wasteland. A catastrophic […]

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