• Date: 06/06/17
    • Kenneth Richard, No Tricks Zone

    “Little agreement is found with climate model simulations that consistently overestimate recent summer warming and underestimate pre-industrial temperature changes” –Büntgen et al., 2017 Fig 7A —Büntgen et al., 2017  Last year there were at least 60 peer-reviewed papers published in scientific journals demonstrating that  Today’s Warming Isn’t Global, Unprecedented, Or Remarkable. Just within the last […]

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  • Obama’s Decisions Doomed The Paris Climate Accord To Failure In The US, Experts Say

    • Date: 04/06/17
    • Michael Bastasch, Daily Caller

    Blame former President Barack Obama for the U.S. withdrawal from the Paris climate accord, according to policy experts, as Obama’s decision to forgo Senate approval and bank on a Democratic win in 2016 made the agreement politically vulnerable. “The Paris climate agreement was pushed through against the declared will of America’s elected representatives,” Dr. Benny […]

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  • Rupert Darwall: Why Trump Is Right To Ditch The Paris Agreement

    • Date: 03/06/17
    • Rupert Darwall, The Spectator

    The announcement by Donald Trump that the United States is withdrawing from the Paris Agreement is truly historic. The Paris accord was the closest the Europeans had come to getting the US to accepting timetabled emissions cuts in the now quarter century saga of UN climate change talks. The first was in the 1992 UN climate change convention […]

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  • WSJ: Growth & Innovation Are Better Forms Of Climate Insurance

    • Date: 02/06/17
    • Editorial, The Wall Street Journal

    President Trump announced the U.S. will withdraw from the Paris climate agreement on Thursday, to the horror of green elites world-wide. If the decision shows he is more mindful of American economic interests than they are, the other virtue of pulling out is to expose the fraudulence of this Potemkin village. In a Rose Garden […]

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  • Trump: Paris Accord Is A Plan To ‘Redistribute Wealth Out Of The US’

    • Date: 02/06/17
    • Michael Bastasch, Daily Caller

    President Donald Trump said a U.S. withdrawal from the Paris climate agreement is “in America’s economic interest and won’t matter much to the climate.” “The United States will withdraw from the Paris climate accord,” Trump said in the Rose Garden Thursday, announcing his pulling out of the Paris agreement, which the Obama administration joined in […]

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    • Date: 01/06/17
    • The Guardian, 29 March 2001

    Full story

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  • Green Madness: Four Trillion Dollar Per Year Carbon Tax Required to Save the World

    • Date: 31/05/17
    • Eric Worrall, Watts Up With That

    Lord Stern, author of the Stern Review (2006), a government report which was used as the basis of UK climate policy, now says we need a four trillion dollar per annum carbon tax to save the world from CO2. For a reality check, see this GWPF analysis The Independent, Tuesday 30 May 2017 14:56 BST […]

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  • Bulgaria’s New Environment Minister Casts Doubt On Global Warming

    • Date: 30/05/17
    • The Sofia Globe

    Bulgaria’s new Environment and Water Minister, Neno Dimov, appeared in a video in 2015 describing global warming as a fraud and alleging that the European Union’s target for reducing emissions is intended to earn billions for business. Dimov, a 53-year-old who has a master’s degree in mathematics and a doctorate in physics and who was […]

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