• Saving The Planet: Copenhagen 2009 vs Paris 2015

    • Date: 30/11/14
    • The Sunday Telegraph & No Fracking Consensus blog

    Five years ago, we were told that the 2009 Copenhagen climate summit was the last chance to save civilization. As the 2015 Paris summit approaches, the same sort of fear mongering is ramping upT One year to save the planet from climate change disaster, Ed Davey warns Agreeing global deal to cut carbon emissions next […]

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  • Reality Check: China Needs 1,000 Nuclear Reactors To Fulfill Its Climate Pledge (And Much More)

    • Date: 29/11/14
    • Bloomberg News

    China, which does nothing in small doses, will need about 1,000 nuclear reactors, 500,000 wind turbines or 50,000 solar farms as it takes up the fight against climate change. Chinese President Xi Jinping agreement last week with President Barack Obama requires a radical environmental and economic makeover. Xi’s commitment to cap carbon emissions by 2030 and turn […]

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  • Nuclear Delays May Nullify US-China ‘Deal’

    • Date: 21/11/14
    • David Stanway, Reuters

    China’s efforts to curtail coal consumption and bring spiralling greenhouse gas emissions under control by 2030 could be stymied by the slow pace of its nuclear reactor programme, with safety concerns still holding back new approvals. President Xi Jinping last week promised (sic) to bring China’s greenhouse gas emissions to a peak by around 2030 and double […]

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  • Ed Miliband: Copenhagen Was Necessary Failure To Successful Climate Treaty In Paris

    • Date: 21/11/14
    • Sophie Yeo, Responding to Climate Change

    The UN’s disastrous summit in Copenhagen was a necessary failure on the road to a successful climate treaty in Paris Pic: ARCHIVED Department of Energy and Climate Change/Flickr  That’s the view of the UK’s Labour party leader Ed Miliband, who as former climate change secretary led the UK’s delegation to the 2009 conference. In a passionate address to […]

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  • Competitive Solar Energy? Not Any Time Soon

    • Date: 20/11/14
    • Emily Gosden, The Daily Telegraph

    Solar Trade Association says large solar farm will need subsidies until 2025-2028, despite claiming last month that all solar panel projects could be subsidy-free by 2020 Ministers announced this year they would end the current subsidy scheme for large-scale solar farms in April 2015, two years earlier than planned, after far more projects were built […]

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  • Japan CO2 Emissions Worst on Record

    • Date: 17/11/14
    • Mari Iwata, The Wall Street Journal

    Japan’s carbon dioxide emissions were the worst on record in the last fiscal year, forced up by the nation’s reliance on natural gas and coal to generate electricity. In the year ended in March, Japan emitted 1.224 billion metric tons of CO2, up 1.4% from the previous year and up 16% from 1990, the base year […]

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  • Obama’s Climate Fund Pledge: “Absolutely No Chance Whatsoever”

    • Date: 14/11/14
    • Lisa Friedman, E&E News

    “Absolutely no chance whatsoever” is how incoming Environment and Public Works Committee Chairman Sen. James Inhofe (R-Okla.) described the chances of Obama’s climate fund pledge approval. The Obama administration is poised to announce a pledge of billions of dollars to an international climate change fund ahead of the G-20 summit in Australia this weekend, several […]

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  • Climate Change Not On Agenda Of G20 Summit

    • Date: 14/11/14
    • Roee Ruttenberg, CCTV.com

    Leaders from world’s twenty major economies have begun arriving in Brisbane for the G20 Summit. The issues they’ll be addressing include tax avoidance, free trade and the global economy. But unlike previous gatherings, one of the topics they won’t be discussing – at least as a key agenda item – is climate change. These solar […]

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