• Exclusive Poll: Amid Covid-19, Americans Don’t Care About Climate Change Anymore

    • Date: 10/08/20
    • Will Johnson, Fortune

    Battered by pandemic and economic collapse, do Americans have the capacity to care about climate change? Not so much, judging by a national poll we just conducted.  We asked a panel of U.S. adults a series of questions about today’s most crucial issues, environmental policy options, and their own behavior. In all three categories, I […]

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  • After Purging Mainstream Media, Climate Extremists Attempt To Censor Social Media

    • Date: 05/08/20
    • Brian Maloney, Real Clear Energy

    Without the protection of free thought and discussion, scientific work cannot proceed. We need to share ideas, opinions, and perspectives to allow for the uncovering of truth, not suppress it. As America’s political middle ground gives way to sharp left-right divisions and even violence, there are winners and losers in the war on ideas. What […]

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  • World Champions In Climate Hypocrisy: German Govt Employees Took 265,000 Flights Last Year

    • Date: 02/08/20
    • Deutsche Welle

    The bulk of air travel was 200,000 short-haul domestic trips from Berlin — a revelation that runs contrary to Angela Merkel’s call on Germans to curb CO2 emissions. German federal government employees and civil servants traveled by plane 10% more in 2019 than the year before, newspaper Welt am Sonntag reported on Sunday, citing data from the Environment […]

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  • Irish Supreme Court Quashes Government 2050 Climate Plan

    • Date: 01/08/20
    • The Nation

    Ireland’s supreme court quashed a government plan to tackle climate change on Friday, finding the blueprint for transition to a low carbon, sustainable economy by 2050 lacked specific detail. The government will now be forced to redraft its plan. The legal challenge, brought by Friends of the Irish Environment, contended a 2017 government climate action scheme breached […]

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  • Michael Shellenberger: I Was Invited to Testify on Energy Policy. Then Democrats Didn’t Let Me Speak

    • Date: 29/07/20
    • Michael Shellenberger, Quilette

    Today, shortly after giving expert testimony to Congress about energy policy, I had the startling experience of being smeared by sitting members of the United States House of Representatives. The context was a special House Committee hearing to evaluate a Democratic proposal similar to the one proposed by Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden, which would spend $2 […]

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  • Walter Russell Mead: Snooze The Climate Alarms

    • Date: 28/07/20
    • Walter Russell Mead, The Wall Street Journal

    A new study predicts population will drop sharply as developing economies grow. You won’t hear this from the professional climate alarmists, but an important study on global demographics has good news for the future of greenhouse emissions. For some time, demographers have been scaling back forecasts of future population growth, but they may not have […]

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  • Climate Hysteria Has Killed Academic Freedom

    • Date: 23/07/20
    • Jennifer Marohasy, The Spectator Australia

    Peter Ridd loses, we all lose On 2 May 2018, Professor Peter Ridd was sacked by James Cook University for serious misconduct. It all started when he called-out his colleague Terry Hughes for falsely claiming healthy inshore coral reefs were dead from climate change and deteriorating water quality. Ignoring the first censure in April 2016, […]

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  • Siberian Heatwaves Are Fairly Common: Hottest Summer On Record Was In 1917

    • Date: 17/07/20
    • Paul Homewood, Not A Lot Of People Know That

    BBC hype and a reality check: There was nothing remotely exceptional about the heatwave at Verhojansk, with the hottest summer on record way back in 1917.  Why do the BBC need three environmental reporters, when all they do is cut and paste the latest alarmist study without actually doing any cross checking or ask awkward […]

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