• What Does the Peer-Reviewed Literature Say About Trends in East Coast Winter Storms?

    • Date: 27/01/15
    • Roger Pielke Jr., The Climate Fix

    The image below comes from a 2001 paper by Hirsch et al. (here in PDF) titled, An East Coast Winter Storm Climatology. The top curve shows all East Coast winter storms, and the bottom shows the most intense storms. for the period 1948 to 1997. As the figure implies, they concluded in that analysis: the frequency of ECWS […]

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  • Warming Pause Over Within 10 Years, NASA Scientist Predicts

    • Date: 19/01/15
    • Reporting Climate Science

    Global temperatures will resume their long term growth trend within five to 10 years ending the so called pause in global warming, a leading climate scientist has predicted. The pause – which on some measures has gone on since the mid-1990s – continued into 2014 on the basis of global temperature data released last week […]

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  • NASA: Less than 50% Chance That 2014 Was ‘Warmest Year On Record’

    • Date: 18/01/15
    • David Rose, Mail on Sunday

    The Nasa climate scientists who claimed 2014 set a new record for global warmth last night admitted they were only 38 per cent sure this was true. In a press release on Friday, Nasa’s Goddard Institute for Space Studies (GISS) claimed its analysis of world temperatures showed ‘2014 was the warmest year on record’. The […]

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  • Greenland’s Ice Sheet Defies Predictions With 4-Year High

    • Date: 16/01/15
    • Michael Bastasch, The Daily Caller

    Despite fears that global warming is harming the Arctic region faster than the rest of the world, Greenland is defying climate scientists and currently growing at its fastest rate in four years. The Danish Meteorological Institute reports that Greenland’s ice sheet has seen more growth so far this year than in the last four years. Greenland’s […]

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  • Ocean ‘Calamities’ Oversold, Say Researchers

    • Date: 15/01/15
    • Daniel Cressey, Nature

    Team calls for more scepticism in marine research. The state of the world’s seas is often painted as verging on catastrophe. But although some challenges are very real, others have been vastly overstated, researchers claim in a review paper. The team writes that scientists, journals and the media have fallen into a mode of groupthink […]

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  • Small Volcanoes Cause Warming Pause, New Study Claims

    • Date: 13/01/15
    • Richard Gray, Daily Mail

    Small volcanic eruptions over the past 20 years have been protecting the Earth from global warming, according to a new study. Scientists have confirmed that droplets of sulphur-rich aerosols spewed into the upper atmosphere by volcanoes have been reflecting sunlight away from the Earth. Until recently it was thought that only particularly large eruptions had […]

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  • Global Warming Pause Due To Volcanic Activity, New Paper Claims

    • Date: 11/01/15
    • Reporting Climate Science

    The “warming hiatus” that has occurred over the last 15 years has been caused in part by small volcanic eruptions. Scientists have long known that volcanoes cool the atmosphere because of the sulfur dioxide that is expelled during eruptions. Droplets of sulfuric acid that form when the gas combines with oxygen in the upper atmosphere […]

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  • Indian Science Congress: ‘Fears Of Man-Made Global Warming Exaggerated’

    • Date: 07/01/15
    • Anahita Mukherji, Times of India

    Two of three scientists at a session on climate change and society at the Indian Science Congress on Tuesday felt fears of man-made global warming were greatly exaggerated. Their presence at the conference was particularly significant in light of the current ‘development-versus-environment’ debates. “While I agree that glaciers are melting because of global warming, if […]

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