• Met Office Climate Scientist Slams Emma Thompson And The BBC For ‘Scaremongering’

    • Date: 06/09/15
    • David Rose, Mail on Sunday

    One of Britain’s top climate scientists has launched a blistering attack on actress Emma Thompson and the BBC, accusing them of ‘scaremongering’ over the speed of global warming – and risking a worsening of the refugee crisis. Richard Betts, head of climate impacts research at the Met Office and a professor at Exeter University, launched […]

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  • Hurricanes And Global Warming: 10 Years Post Katrina

    • Date: 31/08/15

    We anticipate that it may take a decade for the observations to clarify the situation as to whether the hypothesis has predictive power. – Curry et al. 2006 So . . . another 10 years, what will that bring? Well, this time I won’t predict that this will be sorted out in another 10 years. —Judith […]

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  • NOAA: Global Warming Pause Is An Illusion

    • Date: 29/08/15
    • Steve Connor, The Independent

    NOAA scientists say the global warming “hiatus” is nothing more than an illusion resulting from flaws in the way data was collected. Is global warming ‘hiatus’ just an illusion? Look at NOAA’s temperature data and decide yourself – graph David Whitehouse Some have called it the “pause”, others the “hiatus”. Now it seems neither description […]

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  • New Research Questions Historic Ocean Temperature Analysis

    • Date: 27/08/15
    • Reporting Climate Science

    Popular method to deduce historic sea surface temperatures in doubt Understanding the planet’s history is crucial if we are to predict its future. While some records are preserved in ice cores or tree rings, other records of the climate’s ancient past are buried deep in the seafloor. An increasingly popular method to deduce historic sea surface […]

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  • New Paper: Solar Activity & Cosmic Rays Control Climate

    • Date: 21/08/15
    • The Hockey Schtick

    A paper published today in the Journal of Atmospheric and Solar-Terrestrial Physics finds another potential solar amplification mechanism mediated by galactic cosmic rays [GCRs] (and distinct from Svensmark’s cosmic ray theory of climate). The author demonstrates: * Solar modulation of GCR [Galactic Cosmic Rays] is translated down to the Earth climate. * The mediator of solar influence are […]

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  • A Scientific Look At Bad Science

    • Date: 18/08/15
    • Bourree Lam, The Atlantic

    What recent research says about fraud, errors, and other dismaying academic problems In May, the journal Science retracted a much-talked-about study suggesting that gay canvassers might cause same-sex marriage opponents to change their opinion, after an independent statistical analysis revealed irregularities in itsdata [1]. The retraction joined a string of science scandals, ranging from Andrew Wakefield’s infamous study linking a childhood […]

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  • Lawrence Solomon: Scientists Are Often Bought

    • Date: 15/08/15
    • Lawrence Solomon, Financial Post

    Governments pay scientists to produce results that suit their public policy agendas; corporations must then commission defensive studies Can scientists be bought to produce studies that serve their corporate masters? TheNew York Times evidently thinks so, as it described in an article this week. “Coca-Cola, the world’s largest producer of sugary beverages, is backing a new […]

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  • History Of Temperature Scales And Their Impact On Climate Trends

    • Date: 12/08/15
    • Peter Pavlásek, Variability Variability

    Any temperature measurement made before 1927 is impossible to trace to an international standard, except for a few nations with a well-defined national definition. Since the beginning of climate observations temperature has always been an important quantity that needed to be measured as its values affected every aspect of human society. Therefore its precise and […]

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