• How The IPCC Heats Up Climate Predictions

    • Date: 03/11/14
    • Marcel Crok, The State of the Climate

    The IPCC has given the world a prognosis which it knows is overly pessimistic. The AR5 Synthesis Report has been published with all the usual rhetorics such as that we have only so much years left to act. Readers here know that my interest with regard to AR5 has been climate sensitivity. So let’s just shortly review […]

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  • The Ritual IPCC Alarm: Just 16 Years To Avoid Climate Calamity

    • Date: 02/11/14
    • Michael Hanlon, The Sunday Times

    Carbon Dioxide emissions must be reduced by almost half by 2030 or global temperatures will eventually rise by between 2C and 5C, the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change will warn today. In its fifth report on climate change, the IPCC is also expected to say humans must pump no more than a further one trillion […]

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  • White House Keeping Global Warming Documents Out Of The Sunlight

    • Date: 01/11/14
    • Fred Lucas, The Blaze

    The White House isn’t releasing information about how its top science adviser came up with the claim that global warming was the cause of the severe winter in 2014, prompting legal action by a free market think tank this week. President Barack Obama walks with John P. Holdren, Assistant to the President for Science and Technology and […]

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  • Political Battle Over IPCC Climate Report

    • Date: 31/10/14
    • Matt McGrath, BBC News

    Scientists and officials are meeting in Denmark to edit what’s been termed the “most important document” on climate change. There are worries that government officials are trying to steer the science in a certain direction, to reflect their negotiating positions in the UN climate talks. Government officials negotiating IPCC Synthesis Report during the morning session The IPCC […]

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  • Disagreement Over Climate-Conflict Link Heats Up

    • Date: 29/10/14
    • John Bohannon, Science Insider

    A debate among scientists over climate change and conflict has turned ugly. At issue is the question of whether the hotter temperatures and chaotic weather produced by climate change are causing higher rates of violence. A new analysis refutes earlier research that found a link, and the two lead researchers are exchanging some pointed remarks. […]

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  • Israeli Ecosystems Appear Too Tough For Climate Change

    • Date: 26/10/14
    • Andrew Tobin, Times of israel

    Climate change may not pose a serious risk to plants in parts of Israel in the coming decades, according to an ecological study based on years of induced drought. The conclusion — the plants are tougher than the changes — runs counter to the current scientific consensus. Semi-arid and Mediterranean ecosystems are thought to be among […]

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  • New Paper Refutes Walrus-Climate Scare

    • Date: 20/10/14
    • Global Warming Policy Foundation

    London, 20 October: A briefing paper published today by the Global Warming Policy Foundation refutes claims that Arctic walruses are in distress and danger due to global warming. The paper, written by Canadian zoologist Dr Susan Crockford, assesses the recent mass haulouts of walrus females and calves on the beaches of Alaska and Russia bordering the […]

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  • Climate Dialogue: What Will Happen During A New Maunder Minimum?

    • Date: 18/10/14
    • Climate Dialogue

    According to the latest IPCC report, AR5, the influence of the sun on our climate since pre-industrial times, in terms of radiative forcing, is very small compared to the effect of greenhouse gases. According to some more skeptical scientists such a small solar influence is counterintuitive. The Little Ice Age, the period roughly from 1350 to […]

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