• New Paper Finds Holocene Cooling As CO2 Rose

    • Date: 05/09/14
    • Paul Homewood, Not A Lot Of People Know That

    A new paper from Zhengyu Liu et al finds that global cooling since the middle Holocene took place at the same time as CO2 was rising and ice sheets were still in retreat. As they say, “this global cooling is puzzling because it is opposite from the expected and simulated global warming trend due to […]

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  • Sir Paul Nurse: Climate Sceptics Should Be ‘Crushed And Buried’

    • Date: 04/09/14
    • Ben Spencer, Daily Mail

    Politicians who do not believe in climate change should be ‘crushed and buried’, according to the new president of the British Science Association. Sir Paul Nurse, who starts his presidency next week, pledged to ‘take on’ the ‘serial offenders’ who he accused of cherry picking scientific facts to suit their arguments. In an extraordinary outburst, […]

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  • Climate Scientists Beware: New Research Finds ‘Tipping Point’ Between Being Honest & Telling Lies

    • Date: 03/09/14
    • Terra Daily

    What’s the price of your integrity? Tell the truth; everyone has a tipping point. We all want to be honest, but at some point, we’ll lie if the benefit is great enough. Now, scientists have confirmed the area of the brain in which we make that decision. The result was published online this week in […]

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  • New Paper Finds Global Warming On Pause For 19 Years

    • Date: 03/09/14
    • Victoria Woollaston, Daily Mail

    Since the turn of the century, there has been little increase in the average temperature of the Earth’s surface, new research claims. Previous studies claimed this hiatus has lasted for 15 years, but new research believes the temperature has remained almost constant since 1995. The conclusions were made by an economics professor who studied historical land […]

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  • New Paper Finds The Last Interglacial Was Warmer Than Today

    • Date: 02/09/14
    • The Hockey Schtick

    A new paper published in Climate of the Past compares temperature reconstructions of the last interglacial period [131,000-114,000 years ago] to climate model simulations and finds climate models significantly underestimated global temperatures of the last interglacial by ~0.67C on an annual basis and by ~1.1C during the warmest month.  This implies that climate models are unable to […]

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  • ‘Extinct’ Climate Change Victim ‘Alive And Well’

    • Date: 30/08/14
    • Seychelles Island Foundation

    The Aldabra banded snail (Rhachistia aldabrae), declared extinct in 2007, has been re-discovered alive and well at the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Aldabra Atoll, Seychelles. Before the discovery, the last living individual of the species, which only occurs on Aldabra, was recorded in 1997. Subsequent searches yielded only shell remains. The snail’s apparent demise […]

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  • Susan Crockford: Healthy Polar Bears, Less Than Healthy Science

    • Date: 30/08/14
    • Dr Susan Crockford

    Virtually all of the research reports on polar bears over the last few years have contained good news. Who then is to blame for hyping the “polar bears are dying” meme? It’s easy to blame reporters for fanning the flames of hysteria – some of their copy on polar bears is truly over the top. Many […]

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  • Forget Climate Hysteria: U.S. Hurricane Drought Still In Record Territory

    • Date: 29/08/14
    • Mark Johnson, ABC News

    Its been almost nine years since the last major hurricane struck the US Mainland. That’s 3,230 days. Remember, we are talking MAJOR hurricanes, of Category 3 strength or higher. The last major hurricane was Hurricane Wilma which hit Florida on October 24, 2005. This is unprecedented in the hurricane record since 1900. Its a full […]

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