• Why The Peer Review System Is A Toothless Watchdog

    • Date: 15/04/16
    • Ivan Oransky and Adam Marcus

    Imagine that someone offers to give you a guard dog. When the wretched creature arrives, you find out that she is calf-high, arthritic, blind, nearly deaf, and toothless. Oh, and she can’t bark, either. Wait, you say. This dog won’t protect me against anything! Don’t be picky, responds your benefactor smugly. This dog is the […]

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  • Temperatures Falling As El Niño Fades Quickly

    • Date: 15/04/16
    • Angela Fritz, The Washington Post

    El Niño is quickly fading. Sea surface temperatures are coming down in the tropical Pacific, and winds in the region have weakened. History tells us, and forecast models predict, that La Niña conditions will be quick on its heels. La Niña is El Niño’s cooler counterpart. It seems likely to arrive this fall. (NOAA) Seeing […]

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  • Forest Growth Accelerating In Canada Due To CO2 ‘Fertilizer Effect’

    • Date: 13/04/16
    • Randy Shore, Vancouver Sun

    Rising levels of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere are accelerating the growth of B.C.’s forests by one to three per cent a year, enough to cancel out the impact on the climate from the mountain pine beetle outbreak by 2020, according to a new study from the Pacific Institute for Climate Solutions. Pine trees damaged during the […]

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  • As El Nino Collapses Global Sea Ice Makes A Strong Comeback

    • Date: 12/04/16
    • Paul Dorian, Vencor Weather

    UPDATE – The source of global sea ice information cited in this posting was NOAA’s National Snow and Ice Data Center (NSIDC).  They are now reporting issues with the satellite data used to produce these images and this information was not known at the time of the writing of this article. Specifically, the vertically polarized […]

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  • More Settled Science: Earth’s Internal Heat Driving Greenland’s Ice Melt, Scientists Discover

    • Date: 09/04/16
    • Press Trust of India

    Greenland sits over an area of abnormally hot mantle material that drives a widespread melting beneath the ice sheet and rapid ice flow over a distance of several hundred kilometres, a new study has found. Conceptual view of the interplay between the mantle and the Greenland Ice Sheet across the plume track (graphics: A. Petrunin, […]

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  • Climate Model Predictions On Rain And Drought Wrong, Study Finds

    • Date: 07/04/16
    • Graham Lloyd, The Australian

    Predictions that a warmer ­climate will lead to more rain for some but longer droughts for others might be wrong, according to a study of 12 centuries worth of data. The study, published today in science journal Nature, found there was no difference between 20th-century rainfall patterns and those in the pre-­industrial era. The findings […]

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  • Astronomers From India, China & Japan See Evidence For New ‘Little Ice Age’

    • Date: 06/04/16
    • Paul John, Times of India

    Our blazing sun has been eerily turning quiet and growing less active over the last two decades. Scientists and astronomers from Physical Research Laboratory in India and their counterparts in China and Japan are now relying on fresh evidence to indicate that we may be heading for another “little ice age” or even a more […]

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  • La Niña May Be Arriving Faster Than Predicted

    • Date: 05/04/16
    • Karen Braun, Reuters

    Not only is the atmosphere supporting a faster switch to La Niña, but so is a revised model prediction after an error that massively skewing the results was corrected. The decay of El Niño and the onset of La Niña, the cold phase of tropical Pacific Ocean surface temperatures, are occurring more rapidly than it would appear. […]

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