• Welcome To The New Age Of Academic Fascism & Mob Rule

    • Date: 08/10/17
    • The Chronicle of Higher Education

    Academic publisher withdraws essay defending colonialism, citing threat to journal editor A controversial essay that offered a defense of colonialism and led to a revolt at Third World Quarterly has been withdrawn due to “serious and credible threats of personal violence” to the journal’s editor, according to a notice posted by the journal’s publisher, Taylor & Francis. The essay, “The Case […]

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  • Surprise: AP Journalist Omitted Expert Quotes That Didn’t Fit The Narrative About Global Warming

    • Date: 08/10/17
    • Michael Bastasch. Daily Caller

    An Associated Press reporter sent some questions to Dr. Roger Pielke Jr. about what role global warming played in this year’s slew of billion-dollar natural disasters. Pielke, an expert on natural disaster costs, apparently didn’t give AP reporter Seth Borenstein the answers he was looking for, because his ensuing article didn’t have any quotes from the University […]

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  • Global Wind Speeds Slowing Since 1960, But Nobody Knows Why

    • Date: 06/10/17
    • Horizon

    Wind speeds around the world seem to be decreasing in a phenomenon known as ‘stilling’ and European scientists are hoping to find out why. The average terrestrial wind speed has slowed down half a kilometre per hour every decade since the 1960s. Image – Pixabay/ Free-Photos Few people have probably noticed, but the world’s winds […]

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  • New Study: Climate Science Controversy Is Good For Science

    • Date: 05/10/17
    • Ferenc Jankó, Judit Papp Vancsó and Norbert Móricz, Scientometrics - September 2017, Volume 112, Issue 3, pp 1745–1759

    “Contrary to expectations, controversy is beneficial to the science of climate change as it fosters the review process on both sides of the debate.” Abstract Debate and controversy concerning the issue of climate change generally results in the hindering and obstruction of social and governmental action on this issue. This paper analyses the scientific background, […]

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  • New Study: Competitive Climate Controversy Is Good For Science

    • Date: 05/10/17
    • Craig Idso, Watts Up With THat

    In summing up their analysis the authors write that “the competitive situation created by the publications of the NIPCC reports is beneficial for climate science in general.” In the title of their newly published article in the journal Scientometrics, Jankó et al. (2017) ask the important question “Is climate change controversy good for science?” Their answer, which we […]

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  • U.S. Government Says Walrus Not Endangered As Mammals Adapt To Climate Change

    • Date: 04/10/17
    • Associated Press

    ANCHORAGE, Alaska  – The Trump administration announced Wednesday it will not list the Pacific walrus as a threatened species based on diminished Arctic Ocean sea ice, concluding that the marine mammals have adapted to the loss. “Walrus demonstrated much more ability to change their behaviors than previously thought.” Walrus cows and yearlings rest on ice […]

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  • New Study: Global Warming Standstill Confirmed, Climate Models Wrong

    • Date: 03/10/17
    • Nicola Scafetta, Aberto Mirandola, Antonio Bianchin, International Journal of Heat and Technology

    Natural climate variability: Interpretation of the post 2000 temperature standstill ABSTRACT The period from 2000 to 2016 shows a modest warming trend that the advocates of the anthropogenic global warming theory have labeled as the “pause” or “hiatus.” These labels were chosen to indicate that the observed temperature standstill period results from an unforced internal […]

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  • How Climate Scientists Mislead The World About The Great Barrier Reef

    • Date: 01/10/17
    • ABC News & Daily Telegraph

    Reports by scientists that climate change has damaged the Great Barrier Reef beyond repair have been greatly exaggerated. Once again, climate alarmists have ignored the science of  coral bleaching which is a regular El Niño-linked occurrence and regularly leads to post-El Niño recovery. Optimism is rising among scientists that parts of the Great Barrier Reef that were severely […]

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