• Most Of Antarctic Ice Sheet Stable Despite Global Warming, New Study Confirms

    • Date: 19/08/17
    • Daily Mail

    The central core of the East Antarctic ice sheet should remain stable even if the West Antarctic ice sheet melts, a new study has found. The findings are significant, because some researchers predict the West Antarctic ice sheet could melt quickly due to global warming. If the East Antarctic ice sheet, which is 10 times […]

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  • Reporter Confronts Al Gore On Sea Level Rise Claims, Gets Called A ‘Denier’

    • Date: 18/08/17
    • Michael Bastasch, Daily Caller

    Former Vice President Al Gore labeled a British reporter a “denier” after he pressed the former vice president about scientific claims made in his recently-released global warming film. “Are you a denier?” Gore asked The Spectator’s Ross Clark after a private screening of “An Inconvenient Sequel.” When Clark tried to finish his question, Gore said: […]

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  • EPA Scientists Will Assess Accuracy Of U.S. Climate Report

    • Date: 13/08/17
    • Politico

    Environmental Protection Agency chief Scott Pruitt said his staff will gauge the “accuracy” of a major federal science report that blames human activity for climate change — just days after researchers voiced their fears to The New York Times that the Trump administration would alter or suppress its findings. “Frankly this report ought to be subjected to […]

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  • Met Office Accused Of Misleading BBC Audience Over Extreme Weather Claims

    • Date: 11/08/17
    • Paul Matthews, Climate Scepticism

    The BBC asked Peter Stott (Met Office) about extreme events, and specifically storms, but Stott responded by talking about heat waves. What we see here is another example of the self-destructive ‘circling the wagons’ policy. The sceptic has to be attacked, and the warmist defended, even when the IPCC report supports the sceptic. Yesterday, Nigel Lawson was […]

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  • New Science Scandal: US Climate Report Edits Out Highly Embarrassing Section

    • Date: 10/08/17
    • Paul Homewood, Not A Lot Of People Know That

    We see that the hottest temperatures, (averaged over the US), were not only much, much higher in the 1930s. They were also higher during the 1920s. Indeed there have been many other years with higher temperatures than most of the recent ones. The plot thickens! I mentioned in my previous post that the latest draft climate report, […]

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  • New York Times Admits Its Frontpage Climate Story Was Wrong

    • Date: 10/08/17
    • Michael Bastasch, Daily Caller

    The New York Times issued a correction to its Tuesday front page article, now admitting that the government climate report it “obtained” had actually been publicly available online for months. “An article on Tuesday about a sweeping federal climate change report referred incorrectly to the availability of the report,” TheNYT wrote in its correction issued Wednesday morning. “While it […]

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  • Understanding Climate Cycles: Here’s How To Avoid Climate Panics

    • Date: 08/08/17
    • Dennis Avery

    Americans have suffered needless climate-related panic for the past 40 years—not realizing that, since 1850, our newspapers have given us a climate scare about every 25 years. And none of them was valid. Fortunately, climate science is now good enough to predict the key abrupt climate cycles that Mother Nature visits upon earth through the millennia. After the cold […]

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  • Roger Pielke Jr: Weather-related Natural Disasters: Should We Be Concerned About A Reversion To The Mean?

    • Date: 07/08/17
    • Roger Pielke Jr., Risk Frontiers

    The world is presently in an era of unusually low weather disasters. This holds for the weather phenomena that have historically caused the most damage: tropical cyclones, floods, tornadoes and drought. Given how weather events have become politicized in debates over climate change, some find this hard to believe. Fortunately, government and IPCC (Intergovernmental Panel […]

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