• Judith Curry Retires, Citing ‘Craziness’ Of Climate Debate

    • Date: 04/01/17
    • Scott Waldman, E&E News

    Judith Curry, one of climate science’s most vocal critics, is leaving academe because of what she calls the poisonous nature of the scientific discussion around human-caused global warming. Dr. Judith Curry before the House of Representatives Committee on Science, Space and Technology Hearing on the President’s UN Climate Pledge, April 15th, 2015 Curry, 63, is […]

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  • Skeptical Climate Scientists Coming In From the Cold

    • Date: 30/12/16
    • James Varney, RealClearInvestigations

    In the world of climate science, the skeptics are coming in from the cold. Researchers who see global warming as something less than a planet-ending calamity believe the incoming Trump administration may allow their views to be developed and heard. This didn’t happen under the Obama administration, which denied that a debate even existed. Now, […]

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  • Climate Science And The Illusion Of Knowledge

    • Date: 30/12/16
    • Scott Adam's blog

    Yesterday I kicked the hornet’s nest by suggesting that no scientist really believes that complicated models with lots of variables can reliably predict the future. This is a subset of my larger point that no non-scientist can evaluate the claims of climate science because BOTH sides look 100% convincing to the under-informed. So how did the public […]

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  • As Polar Bear Populations Fail To Decline, Message Of Doom Intensifies

    • Date: 21/12/16
    • Susan Crockford, Polar Bear Science

    In turns out that polar bears are much more resilient to changing levels of sea ice than data collectors assume and the proof is in the current healthy populations everywhere. If 10 years of summer sea ice levels expected to kill 2/3 of the world’s polar bears by 2050 hasn’t had an impact, why would […]

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  • Met Office Predicts 2017 Won’t Be As Warm As Last Two El Nino Years

    • Date: 20/12/16
    • Press Association

    Next year will be among the warmest on record but is unlikely to beat 2016’s record temperatures, the Met Office has said. It is also unlikely to be hotter than 2015, which was also affected by the El Nino. Global average temperatures in 2017 are expected to be about 0.75C above the long-term average of 14C […]

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  • Scientists Discover Earth’s ‘Natural Thermostat’ That Cools The Air In Atmosphere After Solar Storms

    • Date: 15/12/16
    • Libby Plummer, Daily Mail

    Researchers have pinpointed the ‘natural thermostat’ that cools the air in Earth’s upper atmosphere after violent solar storms. This activity includes solar flares and coronal mass ejections (CMEs) – which release electrically charged plasma from the sun. It is known to damage satellites, cause power outages back on Earth, and even disrupt GPS navigation services. […]

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  • David Whitehouse & David Rose Discuss Reactions To Global Cooling Post-El Nino

    • Date: 12/12/16
    • GWPF TV

    David Whitehouse talks to David Rose about the hostile and irrational reactions to his article on the drop in global temperatures since the El Nino ‘spike’ in early 2016.

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  • Satellites Record Antarctica’s Coldest Temperature Ever

    • Date: 10/12/16
    • Doyle Rice, USA Today

    A reading of 135.8 degrees Fahrenheit below zero was measured in Antarctica, using remote sensing from satellites. A high ridge in East Antarctica is officially the coldest place on Earth. NASA confirmed a new record there for the lowest temperature on the books: nearly -136 degrees Fahrenheit. VPC (Photo: National Snow and Ice Data Center) There’s cold, […]

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