• Red Teaming: Trump Administration Plans To Re-Assess Climate Science In Series Of Reviews

    • Date: 07/07/17
    • CBC News

    The Trump administration will soon begin a review that will question the veracity of the climate change science used by President Barack Obama’s administration as the basis for environmental regulations. The move by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to launch public debates between scientists on climate research, known as red-team, blue-team exercises, would be the […]

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  • Study Finds Temperature Adjustments Account For ‘Nearly All Of Recent Warming’ In Climate Data Sets

    • Date: 06/07/17
    • Michael Bastasch, Daily Caller

    A new study found adjustments made to global surface temperature readings by scientists in recent years “are totally inconsistent with published and credible U.S. and other temperature data.”   “Thus, it is impossible to conclude from the three published GAST data sets that recent years have been the warmest ever – despite current claims of […]

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  • Matt Ridley: New Book On How Humans Are Increasing Biodiversity

    • Date: 05/07/17
    • Matt Ridley, The Times

    Book Review: Inheritors of the Earth: How Nature is Thriving in an Age of Extinction by Chris Thomas Humans haven’t destroyed the planet. This biologist argues that our presence has boosted biodiversity, says Matt Ridley If human beings were to vanish from the Earth, what would their effect on wildlife have been? A rash of […]

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  • Stephen Hawking Flies Off The Scientific Reservation

    • Date: 04/07/17
    • Roy Spencer

    I can understand when pop-scientists like Bill Nye spout scientific silliness. But complete nonsense coming from Stephen Hawking? Really? In this video, Stephen Hawking claims that Trump withdrawing the U.S. from the Paris Accord could lead to the Earth being pushed past a tipping point, with Venus-like 250 deg. C temperatures and sulfuric acid rain. The trouble […]

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  • It’s All Over For UK Science: University Professors Afraid To Teach Controversial Subjects For Fear Of Being Sacked

    • Date: 01/07/17
    • Harry Yorke, The Daily Telegraph

    Students are now so powerful that university professors are afraid to teach controversial subjects for fear of being sacked, an academic conference was told on Thursday. Professor Dennis Hayes, a co-founder of “Academics for Academic Freedom” said that universities were now ruled by a “culture of censorious quietude” where academics were not able to discuss […]

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  • Climate Alarm Debunked: NASA Satellites Detect Significant Drop In Global Wildfires

    • Date: 01/07/17

    Globally, the total acreage burned by fires each year declined by 24 percent between 1998 and 2015, according to a new paper in Science that analyzes NASA’s satellite data. The new discovery disproves recent claims that global wildfires have been increasing due to climate change. Shifting livelihoods across the tropical forest frontiers of South America, […]

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  • Climate Models Over-Estimated Warming

    • Date: 30/06/17
    • Graham Lloyd, The Australian

    Climate models were wrong and being updated to better reflect the results of satellite temperature measurements that confirmed a slowdown in temperature rises over the past two decades, a group of leading climate scientists has said. The admission is contained in a new paper published in Nature Geoscience, which says natural factors and unforeseen events […]

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  • Cosmic Rays Increase, Solar Cycle Approaches Minimum

    • Date: 26/06/17
    • Meteorologist Paul Dorian, Vencore, Inc.

    The sun is currently featuring one lonely visible sunspot region and this relatively blank look is becoming more and more common as solar cycle 24 heads towards the next solar minimum. The latest image of the sun features only one visible sunspot region.  The sun has been completely blank almost one-quarter of the time this […]

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