• Learning From an Extreme El Niño

    • Date: 11/01/18
    • Agus Santosoon, EOS

    A recent paper in Reviews of Geophysics describes new scientific insights on the El Niño-Southern Oscillation from analysis of the 2015-2016 extreme El Niño. The El Niño-Southern Oscillation (ENSO) cycle is a periodic change in the ocean-atmosphere system of the tropical Pacific Ocean but which has knock-on effects on weather around the world. In an article recently […]

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  • BBC Reined In: BBC Claims That Reindeer Populations Are In ‘Steep Decline’ Due To Climate Change Are False

    • Date: 10/01/18
    • The Sun

    TV bosses were forced to issue a correction after BBC2’s Russia with Simon Reeve gave incorrect information about the numbers of deer in Northern Russia BBC claims that reindeer populations were in “steep decline” because of climate change have been proven to be false, it was confirmed yesterday. Telly bosses were forced to issue a […]

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  • BBC Accepts Lord Lawson’s Climate Complaint

    • Date: 09/01/18
    • Press Release, Global Warming Policy Foundation

    London, 9 January: The BBC have accepted Lord Lawson’s complaint that they made a serious factual error in claiming that reindeers were in “steep decline” because of climate change. The alarming claim that reindeer populations across Northern Russia were “in steep decline because of climate change”, was made during the first episode of the recent BBC […]

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  • Matt Ridley: Global Cooling Is Not Worth Shivering About

    • Date: 08/01/18
    • Matt Ridley, The Times

    The Earth is very slowly slipping back into a proper ice age but technology should enable civilisation to survive it Record cold in America has brought temperatures as low as minus 44C in North Dakota, frozen sharks in Massachusetts and iguanas falling from trees in Florida. Al Gore blames global warming, citing one scientist to […]

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  • Meteorologist Blasts Those Linking Brutal Blizzard To Climate Change

    • Date: 06/01/18
    • Valerie Richardson - The Washington Times

    Meteorologist Joe Bastardi had a decidedly unscientific term for the effort to link Thursday’s frigid winter storm to human-caused climate change: “witchcraft.” “This is flat out insanity and deception now,” Mr. Bastardi said Thursday in a tweet. “To tell the public that events that have occurred countless times before with no climate change attribution, is now just that, is […]

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  • Polar Bear ‘Tragedy Porn’ Video Backfires

    • Date: 30/12/17
    • Daily Mail

    There are signs of a more general backlash against the Somerset Island polar bear video. Even those scientists who are firm believers in man-made climate change have expressed disquiet. ‘These images might be shocking and disturbing, but if you talk to any kind of polar bear scientist they will tell you that this is not […]

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  • Climate Bullies Face Tough Penalties: Student Beliefs Must Be Challenged, Says University Minister

    • Date: 26/12/17
    • The Times

    Universities must “open minds, not close them” and face tough new penalties if they do not promote freedom of speech, Jo Johnson will warn today. Students should expect to encounter controversial opinions and “frank and rigorous discussions”, the universities minister will argue. His defence of open debate comes amid a row at Oxford University, where […]

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  • An Interview With Prof Henrik Svensmark About The Link Between Cosmic Rays & Climate Change

    • Date: 23/12/17
    • GWPF Podcast

    Dr David Whitehouse interviews Prof Henrik Svensmark about his team’s new paper on the link between cosmic rays and climate change

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