• Extreme Weather ‘Not Linked To Climate Change’

    • Date: 29/11/13
    • Jared Owens, The Australian

    EXTREME weather events are not becoming more frequent as the planet warms, despite media “hype” to the contrary, according to a new report. Madhav Khandekar, a retired Canadian government meteorologist and former Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change expert reviewer, finds alleged links between recent extreme weather to climate change are “not substantiated” and the evidence […]

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  • The Strange ‘Global Warming’ Of The Antarctic Peninsula

    • Date: 28/11/13
    • Sherwood, Keith and Craig Idso, CO2 Science

    Where on earth would you expect to see the greatest increase in temperature as a result of greenhouse gas-induced global warming? How about one of the colder places on the planet? Like Antarctica. Temperatures there have been routinely measured at the Faraday/Vernadsky station on the Antarctic Peninsula ever since February of 1947; and they reveal a warming of […]

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  • Nigel Lawson: The Secret Meeting With Royal Society Fellows

    • Date: 28/11/13
    • Nigel Lawson, The Spectator

    The long-discussed meeting between a group of climate scientists and Fellows of the Royal Society on the one side, and me and some colleagues from my think-tank, the Global Warming Policy Foundation on the other, has now at last taken place. It was held behind closed doors in a committee room at the House of […]

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  • Global Warming Standstill Not Due To Volcanoes

    • Date: 26/11/13
    • The Hockey Stick

    A paper published today in Atmospheric Science Letters effectively rules out volcanoes as the main cause of the ‘pause’ in global warming over the past 17 years. According to the authors, “We deduce a global mean cooling of around −0.02 to −0.03 K over the period 2008–2012. Thus while these eruptions do cause a cooling of the Earth and may […]

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  • Greenland Ice Sheets Were Smaller 3000 Years Ago Than Today

    • Date: 23/11/13
    • UPI

    Greenland’s shrunken ice sheet is nothing new, scientists say — it was even smaller more than 3,000 years ago, as small as any time in recent history. A new technique for interpreting the Arctic fossil record has allowed a determination of when glaciers were smaller than they are today, the researchers said. While there are […]

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  • Met Office Global Warming Prediction Falls Flat

    • Date: 22/11/13
    • Paul Matthews, IPCC Report blog

    In 2007, a team of Met Office scientists predicted there would be 0.3°C warming during 2004-2014. This prediction has turned out to be wrong.  We are almost into 2014 and there has been no warming at all since 2004. Smith et al (2007): 0.3°C in 10 years In 2007, a team of climate scientists from the UK […]

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  • New Survey: Half Of American Meteorologists Believe Global Warming Mostly Man-Made

    • Date: 21/11/13
    • Judith Curry, Climate Etc.

    A comprehensive survey has been conducted of the American Meteorological Society membership to elicit their views on global warming. Only 52% state that the warming is mostly anthropogenic. Meteorologists’ views about global warming: A survey of American Meteorological Society professional members Neil Stenhouse, Edward Maibach, Sara Cobb, Ray Ban, Andrea Bleistein, Paul Croft, Eugene Bierly, Keith Seitter, Gary Rasmussen Abstract.  Meteorologists […]

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  • Rich Nations Claim Poor ‘Equally Responsible’ For Global Warming

    • Date: 20/11/13
    • Nitin Sethi, The Hindu

    Long drawn arguments through two days of almost continuous negotiations broke out over the key decisions that the Warsaw meeting would make. A draft of the decisions brought out on Monday became the new battleground as developed countries tried to remove any difference in the responsibility thrust upon the developing countries from that of the […]

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