• Bjorn Lomborg: Britain’s Commitment To Climate Aid Is Immoral

    • Date: 05/10/15
    • Bjorn Lomborg, The Daily Telegraph

    There are other, far more severe issues to tackle first, from malnutrition to poverty The Government is to divert £5.8 billion from the aid budget to climate aid over the next five years Photo: PA The decision by the Conservative government to spend 50% more on so-called “climate aid” is a feel-good policy that does little […]

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  • Why That UN Climate Deal Is Already A Dead Duck

    • Date: 04/10/15
    • Christopher Booker, The Sunday Telegraph

    The binding global treaty Mark Carney, the Pope and others all want simply isn’t going to happen. Last week a steady drone rising all year finally swelled to a crescendo. Talking up what Mark Carney, the Governor of the Bank of England, described to the City’s leading insurers as the “catastrophic impacts of climate change”, […]

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  • The Volkswagen Diesel Scandal Was Driven By Climate Obsession

    • Date: 03/10/15
    • Ross Clark, The Spectator

    One-eyed environmental policy created the conditions for this fraud – and other damaging problems What fun it is watching again all those smug Volkswagen ads on YouTube, featuring men in mid-life crisis revving up their Golfs and Passats. German carmakers vie with French farmers for their sacred status in the European Union. That it has […]

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  • Mystic Mark Carney, the Bank of England’s new seer

    • Date: 02/10/15
    • Robert Shrimsley, Financial Times

    ‘Britain’s SMEs will find it far harder to sell their goods once the cosmos is ruled by Martians’ Mark Carney, rock-star Bank of England governor, surprised many observers with a speech that strayed some way from his traditional beat into a discussion of climate change and the risks it poses to investors. The scene is […]

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  • Pierre Desrochers: The Simon-Ehrlich Wager 25 Years On

    • Date: 01/10/15
    • Pierre Desrochers, Spiked

    As the famous environmentalist bet showed, Malthusians are always wrong. In 1980, economist Julian L Simon challenged Paul R Ehrlich, the biologist and author of the best-selling Population Bomb, to put his money where his catastrophist mouth was by staking $10,000 on his belief that ‘the cost of non-government-controlled raw materials… will not rise in the long run’, […]

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  • A New Low In Science: Criminalizing Climate Skeptics

    • Date: 29/09/15
    • Judith Curry, Fox News

    What these 20 scientists have done with their letter is the worst kind of irresponsible advocacy. Attempts by powerful people to silence other scientists, especially in this brutal fashion, is a recipe for stifling scientific progress and for making poor policies. Scientists have many important roles to play in preparations for the upcoming UN Conference on Climate […]

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  • Climate Change And The Myth Of Stranded Assets

    • Date: 28/09/15
    • Nick Butler, Financial Times

    The assumption that the use of hydrocarbons will be limited by public policy to keep emissions below 450 parts per million is completely unrealistic. The energy business is entirely familiar with the concept of stranded assets. Now, however, a new concept has been introduced: the idea that some assets, specifically hydrocarbons, will inevitably be stranded […]

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  • Dominic Lawson: Climate Saviours & Europe’s Mad Rush For Diesel

    • Date: 27/09/15
    • Dominic Lawson, The Sunday Times

    The “rush for diesel” might seem an unmatchably counterproductive idiocy on the part of the EU member states, as they sought to prove themselves the saviours of the earth. In fact, it is merely one of a number of catastrophic components in the climate-change policy makers’ hall of infamy. The inability to deal with the […]

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