• Fractivist Journalism and Its Proficiency with Fake News

    • Date: 13/04/17
    • Tom Shepstone, Gas Now

    Fractivist journalism is one gigantic exercise in fake news – fake fracking news that is – as a story on a University of Guelph methane study illustrates. Fake news seems to be enjoying quite a run these days, but there are no better examples than those provided by fractivist journalism. There are only a handful […]

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  • Christopher Booker: Every Climate Initiative Imposed On Us By Politicians Has Ended In Disaster

    • Date: 08/04/17
    • Christopher Booker, Daily Mail

    ‘The truth is that every single green scheme the politicians have fallen for has proved to be a total fiasco: failing to achieve any of the results claimed for them and costing us more billions with every year that passes.’ What a parable for our times the great diesel scandal has been, as councils vie […]

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  • Editorial: Diesel Drivers Pay The Price Of Green Zealotry

    • Date: 05/04/17

    As confessions of incompetence go, Sir David King’s admission that he was absolutely wrong to advocate diesel cars could hardly be more damning. In his role as the former chief scientific adviser to the government – and until last month, special representative for climate change – this is a man on whom the public were […]

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  • Britain’s Drivers Count The Cost Of Labour’s Diesel Folly

    • Date: 03/04/17
    • Editorial, Dail Mail

    It’s less than 20 years since the Labour government – backed by the vociferous green lobby and most of the scientific community – urged motorists to abandon their nasty, carbon-emitting, petrol-engine cars and convert to diesel. With hindsight, looking at the names of the politicians who pushed this revolution – John Prescott, Neil Kinnock (then […]

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  • If Taxpayers Can’t Talk About Climate Change Policies, Neither Can Scientists

    • Date: 30/03/17
    • Julie Kelly, The Federalist

    All taxpayers have an investment in climate change. We have the right to give an opinion on the subject — even if we don’t adhere to the prevailing orthodoxy. After Tuesday’s announcement that President Trump will take steps to repeal the Clean Power Plan, and essentially put a stake through the heart of America’s climate […]

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  • Walking Dead: Paris Climate Deal Died Last Week

    • Date: 19/03/17
    • Lorrie Goldstein, Toronto Sun

    While Prime Minister Justin Trudeau will never admit it, the 2015 Paris climate treaty Canada signed with great fanfare died last week. It died because of the release of U.S. President Donald Trump’s 2018 budget plan. While Trump has to get it through the U.S. Congress, which means parts of it are unlikely to survive, […]

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  • Why Are Climate-Change Models So Flawed? Because Climate Science Is So Incomplete

    • Date: 15/03/17
    • Jeff Jacoby, Boston Globe

    Environmental Protection Agency administrator Scott Pruitt said on CNBC’s Squawk Box that he does not believe that carbon dioxide is a primary contributor to global warming. Environmental Protection Agency administrator Scott Pruitt said on CNBC’s Squawk Box that he does not believe that carbon dioxide is a primary contributor to global warming.  ‘DO YOU believe,” CNBC’s […]

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  • WSJ: The Case For Pulling Out Of Obama’s Paris Climate Accord

    • Date: 12/03/17
    • Editorial, The Wall Street Journal

    President Trump is expected as soon as next week to order the Environmental Protection Agency to rescind its Clean Power rule that is blocked by the courts. But the President faces another test of political fortitude on whether to withdraw the U.S. from the Paris climate accord. That’s suddenly uncertain. Mr. Trump promised to withdraw during the […]

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