• Matt Ridley: From Russia to North Yorkshire, The Hidden Agenda Of Shale Opponents

    • Date: 11/03/17
    • Matt Ridley, Yorkshire Post

    I first visited a shale gas well in Pennsylvania in 2011 while writing a report for a think tank, the Global Warming Policy Foundation, founded by Lord Lawson, the former chancellor. At that time, most energy analysts were still arguing that shale gas was a flash in the pan. I concluded that that was almost […]

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  • Five Reasons Why Ridicule Is The Proper Response To Global Warming Alarmists

    • Date: 08/03/17
    • Kerry Jackson, Investor's Business Daily

    If it seems that the climate radicals are acting desperately because they sense that their “movement” is dying, then that’s probably an accurate assessment. From EPA employees threatening resistance to Donald Trump’s presidency to junk-science guy Bill Nye appearing on Fox News to tell the world that humans are fully responsible for “the speed that […]

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  • Rupert Darwall: It’s Families Who Are Footing Bill For Britain’s Deluded Energy Policies

    • Date: 01/03/17
    • Rupert Darwall, The Daily Telegraph

    Keeping the lights on for the few, turning them off for the many. It’s hard to see this being welcomed by Just About Managing families whose interests the Prime Minister has put at the heart of her plan for Britain. Last week when the Prime Minister took the unusual step of attending the House of […]

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  • Editorial: The Carbon Tax Chimera

    • Date: 27/02/17
    • Editorial, The Wall Street Journal

    The Shultz-Baker proposal sounds better than it would work. The climate may change but one thing that never does is the use of climate change as a political wedge against Republicans. Also never changing is the call from some Republicans to neutralize the issue by handing more economic power to the federal government through a […]

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  • Christopher Booker: Green Insanity That Is Worse Than Burning Coal

    • Date: 25/02/17
    • Christopher Booker, Daily Mail

    Almost exactly four years ago, I revealed details in the Daily Mail of what I described as the perfect symbol of Britain’s ‘mad energy policy’. It demonstrated more vividly than anything just how far the politicians in charge had become so lost in ‘green’ make-believe that their behaviour amounted to collective insanity. What I was […]

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  • G20: Angela Merkel Sets A Climate Ambush For Donald Trump

    • Date: 22/02/17
    • Rupert Darwall, National Review Online

    German chancellor Angela Merkel is preparing to spring an ambush on President Trump at this year’s G-20 summit in July. And Trump’s response will determine whether his presidency plays out like George W. Bush’s second term or puts America’s energy exceptionalism at the service of reviving American greatness. Less than two months into his presidency, […]

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  • Kimberley Strassel: Don’t Wimp Out On Climate

    • Date: 17/02/17
    • Kimberley A. Strassel, The Wall Street Journal

    If Trump doesn’t dump the Paris accord, his economic agenda is in jeopardy. President Trump with Secretary of State Rex Tillerson, Feb. 1. PHOTO: GETTY IMAGES President Trump will soon turn his attention to another major campaign promise—rolling back the Obama climate agenda—and according to one quoted administration source his executive orders on that topic will “suck […]

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  • Europe’s Green Madness: Dieselgate Was A Political Disaster

    • Date: 15/02/17
    • Holman W Jenkins Jr., The Wall Street Journal

    After the Kyoto treaty, Europe’s entire auto industry was led down the primrose lane of adopting a technology that now appears to be a commercial and regulatory dead-end. Contrary to usual practice, we’ll begin with the punch-line: less than 4/1,000ths of a degree Celsius. That’s how much warming might be spared half a century from […]

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