• Curiouser and curiouser

    • Date: 07/06/19
    • Andrew Montford, GWPF

    Do the CCC’s energy figures stack up? While looking for something else, I came across an article in the Mail about the recent report on Net Zero from the Committee on Climate Change. Apparently, in order to reach that target, we are going to need to quadruple the offshore wind fleet to 7500 turbines. This […]

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  • Trudeau’s ‘Climate Emergency’ Meets His Muddle of Malfunctioning Carbon Taxes

    • Date: 05/06/19
    • Robert Lyman, Financial Post

    Ideally, carbon pricing should be economically efficient, low cost, socially benign and administratively simple. In Canada it is none of these The news last week that the Trudeau government has introduced into the House of Commons a motion to declare a “climate emergency” in Canada may draw even more attention to its policy governing carbon-dioxide […]

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  • Europe’s Green Slide Toward Irrelevance

    • Date: 04/06/19
    • Jakub Grygiel, The American Interest

    If the European Union continues on its green path, it will slide into geopolitical irrelevance Elections for the European parliament, regardless of the results, are always a celebration of the EU project. Blue flags with the 12 golden stars are omnipresent when a “European electorate” casts its vote in what is considered the largest election […]

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  • Forget Paris: On the Second Anniversary of Trump’s Pullout

    • Date: 04/06/19
    • Robert P Murphy, Institute for Energy Research

    The Paris Agreement never had a chance of seriously denting global CO2 emissions. Two years ago, President Trump announced he would begin the formal process of withdrawing the United States from the Paris Climate Agreement. At the time, the media and climate alarmists went ballistic—for example, famed physicist Stephen Hawking saidTrump’s action would push Earth “over the brink.” […]

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  • PC Insanity May Mean The End Of Universities

    • Date: 02/06/19
    • Roger Kimball, New York Post

    Once upon a time, universities were institutions dedicated to the pursuit of truth and the transmission of the highest values of our civilization. Today, most are dedicated to the destruction of those values. It is past time to call them to account. People used to talk about the ends of the university and how the […]

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  • Where Do They Get These Ludicrous People From?

    • Date: 30/05/19
    • Andrew Montford, GWPF

    Apocalypse is now just 11 years away, apparently The Times today is reporting some comments by Francesca Osowska, the bureaucrat who now runs Scottish Natural Heritage. Ms Osowska is alarmed, it seems: Imagine an apocalypse — polluted waters; drained and eroding peatlands; coastal towns and villages deserted in the wake of rising sea level and […]

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  • Delingpole: To Survive, Britain’s Conservatives Must ‘Get Rid Of The Green Crap’

    • Date: 28/05/19
    • James Delingpole, Breitbart London

    For a Conservative candidate to embrace even a fraction of the Greens’ agenda is about as ludicrous and suicidal as coming out for the nationalisation of industry or higher taxes or a clampdown on free speech. Besides the Brexit Party, one of the big winners of the European Parliament elections — in Germany, France, Austria, […]

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  • Why Germany’s Green Party Is So Strong: A Wake-Up Call

    • Date: 27/05/19
    • Rainer Zitelmann, Tichys Einblick

    The Greens have long been defining the cultural and political agenda in Germany. The more the other parties have been currying favour with them, the stronger the Green Party has become: voters now choose the original, not the imitators. “On many issues today, the Greens are setting the direction, then the SPD follows and finally […]

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