• Germany Becomes The New Poster Child For Climate Change Hypocrisy

    • Date: 12/01/18
    • Nicolas Loris, The Daily Signal

    “Do as I say, but don’t pay attention to what I actually do” is the trademark of climate change policy. Climate hypocrisy is nothing new. Celebrities cruise around the world in their private jets, eating filet mignon while telling you to pack a salad and bike to work to reduce your carbon footprint. So, color […]

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  • Mark Perry: Keeping Fossil Fuels Underground Makes No Sense

    • Date: 11/01/18
    • Mark Perry, U.S. News

    Even environmentalists should welcome the transition from coal to natural gas and reconsider their infatuation with renewables and efforts to keep fossil fuels in the ground. What would happen if climateers succeed in their campaign to keep fossil fuels in the ground? The experience of Walt Disney World in Orlando more than 40 years ago […]

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  • Too Frigid For Global Warming? This Is Why They Rebranded It ‘Climate Change’

    • Date: 07/01/18
    • Rex Murphy, National Post

    Any variety of weather whatsoever can be traced, if you keep the grants flowing and the contradictions unexamined, to the One Holy Underlying Theory of All Weather Of course I believe in global warming. How could I not? It happens even in the meteorological riot ward I know as home, dear, cruel Newfoundland. Yes, even […]

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  • Charles Moore: Tories Can Be Green, But Michael Gove Must Avoid Being Captured By The Green Blob

    • Date: 06/01/18
    • Charles Moore, The Daily Telegraph

    Can a conservative be an environmentalist, and win? I don’t know, but the only one with a chance is Michael Gove. Can a conservative be an environmentalist? Of course. A conservative wishes to conserve. Such a person has a strong attachment to place. For such a person, the relationship between the past, the present and […]

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  • Terence Corcoran: The Population Bombers Keep On Bombing — And 50 Years On They Keep Getting It Wrong

    • Date: 03/01/18
    • Terence Corcoran, Financial Post

    Half a century after publication of The Population Bomb, the world is healthier, better fed, less poor, better entertained and generally living fuller lives. In this year 2018, the end is not near. The only people in need of downsizing are the predictors of doom and other purveyors of science fiction. It’s 2018, and the end […]

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  • Neil Oliver: I’m Dreaming Of A Lustrous Mini Ice Age To Give Us A Global Warming Time Out

    • Date: 01/01/18
    • Neil Oliver, The Times

    A new ice age to look forward to? Can it be true? This is the best news I have heard all year (sic). I was half awake during the night this week, listening to the radio when the news item came on. I thought at first I was dreaming, but no. It turns out scientists […]

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  • Christopher Booker: No, Wind Power Is Not The Cheapest Form Of Energy

    • Date: 31/12/17
    • Christopher Booker, The Sunday Telegraph

    A weird propaganda blitz, widely publicised again last week, is trying to persuade us that the cost of power from wind farms has been “tumbling” so fast that wind has now replaced coal as our “cheapest” source of electricity. This began in October when Greenpeace and various wind companies plastered Westminster Underground station, the one […]

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  • Memo To Climate Scientists: It’s Capitalism That Will Save The World

    • Date: 29/12/17
    • Harry Wilkinson, The Conservative Woman

    Looking at the vexed issue of climate change as a matter of ‘science’ alone is a mistake. Environmental policy has been constructed on an anti-capitalist basis which views the free market to be essentially destructive. This flawed perspective has had terrible consequences for both people and the environment.   The fashionable view has been that […]

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