• Graham Stringer MP: Now That’s An Inconvenient Truth

    • Date: 20/09/17
    • Graham Stringer, Labour MP and member of the House of Commons Science and Technology Committee

    Report shows the world isn’t as warm as the green doom-mongers warned. So will energy bills come down? Fat chance, says MP Graham Stringer   Labour MP Graham Stringer: If the environmentalists had it right, we would now be facing global catastrophe, a scorched Earth and rapidly rising sea levels. None of that has happened. […]

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  • Climate Hysteria Hits ‘Peak Stupid’ In Hurricane Season

    • Date: 18/09/17
    • Chris Mitchel, The Australian

    Media climate hysteria has reached “peak stupid” with this US hurricane season. In a week when Phillip Adams on ABC Radio ­National’s Late Night Live on Tuesday asked his US correspondent Bruce Shapiro if Florida Governor Rick Scott was a climate change denier for religious fundamentalist reasons, the left again showed its arrogance in declaring anyone who […]

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  • John Stossel: A Climate Of Growing Skepticism

    • Date: 16/09/17
    • John Stossel, Tribune Review

    When it comes to hurricanes, it’s the alarmists who are wrong — on so many levels. “How many once-in-a-lifetime storms will it take,” demanded “The Daily Show” comic Trevor Noah, “until everyone admits man-made climate change is real?” His audience roared its approval. When Hurricane Irma hit, so-called friends admonished me, “Look what your fossil […]

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  • No George Monbiot, Capitalism Isn’t Destroying The Planet

    • Date: 14/09/17
    • Tim Worstall, CapX

    It takes a certain mulish obstinacy to keep insisting that it’s capitalism and free markets which are responsible for, rather than the answer to, the coming Eco-Götterdämmerung. But that’s what we’re treated to from George Monbiot this morning. His argument is that capitalism requires growth, growth destroys the environment by consuming it and therefore….well, therefore it’s all […]

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  • The Green Inquisition: Canada Now Investigates ‘Climate Denial’

    • Date: 14/09/17
    • Lorrie Goldstein, Toronto Sun

    It’s like something out of George Orwell’s 1984. Canada’s Competition Bureau, an arm’s length agency funded by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s government to the tune of almost $50 million annually, investigated three organizations accused of denying mainstream climate science for over a year, following a complaint from an environmental group. The bureau discontinued its 14-month […]

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  • Green Madness: Australia Has Gone From Cheapest To Most Expensive Power

    • Date: 14/09/17
    • Judith Sloan, The Australian

    We have gone from having close to the cheapest electricity in the world to among the most ­expensive. We have all the feeder stock we need — coal, gas and uranium — yet electricity prices have doubled in a decade. The Australian Energy Market Operator report released this week on the reliability of the electricity […]

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  • Ben Pile: Beware Greens Exploiting Hurricanes

    • Date: 12/09/17
    • Ben Pile, Spiked

    Extreme weather is less of a threat than it ever has been. When Hurricane Harvey landed on Texas, it marked the end of a 12-year lull in major hurricanes hitting the US. This period – which also featured a long ‘hiatus’ in global warming, the failure of ice-free Arctic predictions and the growth of polar-bear […]

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  • Matt Ridley: We Are More Than A Match For Hurricanes

    • Date: 11/09/17
    • Matt Ridley, The Times

    Whether or not tropical storms are becoming fiercer, our growing wealth and ingenuity helps us to survive them As Hurricane Irma batters Florida, with Anguilla, Barbuda and Cuba clearing up and Houston drying out after Harvey, it is reasonable to ask whether such tropical cyclones are getting more frequent or fiercer. The answer to the […]

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