• The Empty Radicalism of the Climate Apocalypse

    • Date: 20/06/19
    • Ted Nordhaus, Issues in Science and Technology

    What would it mean to get serious about climate change? “We must stop asking what the Earth can do for us,” newly elected President Jay Inslee concluded in his inaugural address, “and start considering what we must do for the Earth.” Inslee had launched his campaign two years earlier as a longshot, single-issue candidate. But […]

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  • The Western World’s Trash Crisis Is About To Get Very, Very Real

    • Date: 19/06/19
    • Mikko Paunio, Financial Post

    I don’t know whether to laugh or cry at the Canadian government’s recent announcement that it is going to ban certain single-use plastic items. This is feeble virtue signalling of the type now exhibited by politicians around the world. But it will do almost nothing to deal with the problem of plastic in the oceans. […]

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  • UK’s ‘Biggest’ Onshore Gas Field Discovered Near Hull

    • Date: 17/06/19
    • The Daily Telegraph

    A trio of energy companies has struck gold after discovering what could potentially be the country’s largest onshore gasfield near Hull. Reabold Resources, Union Jack Oil and Rathlin Energy said initial analysis of a well drilled in the ground in West Newton, just a few miles north east of Hull, indicated the site could house some 189bn […]

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  • Reality Bites Joe Biden’s “Clean Energy Revolution”

    • Date: 17/06/19
    • Paul Driessen

    Tallying its huge impacts on our energy, industries, living standards and personal freedoms Presidential candidate Joe Biden recently announced his “Plan for a Clean Energy Revolution and Environmental Justice.” While it might be viewed as a Green New Deal Lite, the plan would inflict enormous economic, environmental and societal pain on most of the nation, for no […]

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  • Dominic Lawson: Your Legacy Isn’t Worth A Trillion Quid, Mrs May

    • Date: 16/06/19
    • Dominic Lawson,The Sunday Times

    The prime minister is going down in a blaze of vanity and arrogance An apology. In a previous column, I gave readers the impression that Theresa May, whatever her faults, was at least not guilty of vanity. How wrong I was: in her last weeks as prime minister she has been single-mindedly determined, as it […]

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  • The Cost of this Net Zero Madness? Even a Trillion is an Underestimate

    • Date: 14/06/19
    • Andrew Montford, The Conservative Woman

    THE £1trillion figure is propaganda, not analysis; you can pluck any number you want.’ So said Adair Turner, the former head of the Committee on Climate Change (CCC), according to the Telegraph on Wednesday. The question of the costs involved in the net zero project is impenetrable to say the least. The CCC is not advancing a […]

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  • Media Scepticism About Theresa May’s Net-Zero Target Is Just The Beginning

    • Date: 13/06/19
    • Editorial, The Daily Telegraph

    The UK is unlikely to meet the current target of 60 per cent cuts by 2030 yet is introducing an even more ambitious target which the Treasury estimates will cost £1 trillion. Politicians are making a habit of introducing legally binding climate change targets that they then leave to others to deliver. As one of […]

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  • Bjorn Lomborg: Theresa May Is About To Spend £1 Trillion On A Pointless Policy

    • Date: 11/06/19
    • Bjorn Lomborg, The Daily Telegraph

    Before committing to costs that could add up to £12 trillion, the government should commission a proper independent scientific cost study. Chancellor Phillip Hammond was slapped down by Downing Street last week for warning that reaching net zero carbon emissions could cost the UK £1 trillion and require cuts to funding for schools, hospitals and the police […]

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