• Julie Burchill: The People’s Front of Extinction Rebellion Points To A Deeper Divide Within The Green Cause

    • Date: 29/07/19
    • Julie Burchill, The Sunday Telegraph

    The Extinction Rebellion mob are the most visible example of what passes for political protest these days; the dialectics of dummy-spitting and scweaming and scweaming till you’re sick – more Violet Elizabeth than Vladimir Ilyich. This being so, I was delighted to find that they are already experiencing a People’s Front of Judea/Judean People’s Front […]

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  • Why the Precautionary Principle is Bad Policy

    • Date: 23/07/19
    • Sanjeev Sabhlok, The Times of India

    We have evolved as a species to be curious about scary things. Newspapers love to publish scary reports, which are like click-bait: they catch our attention. Health scares fascinate us the most. Environmental scares grab our interest, as well. Most scares, however, turn out to be false. For every true scare, there are hundreds of […]

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  • Joe Oliver: We Should Prepare For Extreme Weather, But Tying It To Climate Change Is A Mistake

    • Date: 23/07/19
    • Joe Oliver, Financial Post

    The harm caused by extreme weather merits a national action plan, whatever its cause and whether or not it is increasing in severity or frequency. Policies that only address climate change won’t do the job. Canadians are bombarded with images of forest fires, tornadoes and torrential rain, all attributed to manmade climate change. We are […]

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  • Dominic Lawson: We Don’t Need An Ecological Pol Pot

    • Date: 21/07/19
    • Dominic Lawson, The Sunday Times

    Politicians and the police must stop indulging Extinction Rebellion My hero of the week is Brian Salt. This 73-year-old Bristolian had become increasingly enraged by the roadblock set up by Extinction Rebellion on a street he used to drive his camper van to pick up a fellow pensioner, Lynne Mattin, and drop her off at a […]

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  • Climate Extremism: Democracy And Progress Are Facing Extinction

    • Date: 19/07/19
    • Iain Martin, The Times

    Climate activists are bossy extremists who feel they have the right to wreck the economy without even consulting voters Extinction Rebellion was busy blockading traffic in Bristol this week as part of its plan to save the planet. It turns out, though, that traffic jams caused by hippies and radicalised youngsters don’t go down well […]

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  • Green Suicide: China And India Will Watch The West Destroy Itself

    • Date: 17/07/19
    • Todd Royal, Eurasia Review

    China and India will allow the west – led by the United States (US) and European Union (EU) – to destroy themselves through dysfunctional, domestic, and continent-wide politics. This isn’t a Donald Trump or EU issue, but electorates having a vague understanding of how societies function, particularly, when it comes to energy. The “Green New Deal” […]

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  • Consistent Failure of Apocalyptic Predictions Hasn’t Stopped Climate Alarmism

    • Date: 14/07/19
    • Nicolas Loris, CNS News

    In the 1970s, Americans were told we were in a global cooling crisis and if something wasn’t done, we’d enter a new ice age. When that didn’t happen, a few decades later we were told that entire nations could be wiped off the face of the Earth by rising sea levels if the global warming […]

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  • Let’s Stand Up to David Attenborough and the Neo-Malthusians Who Want to Control Our Lives

    • Date: 11/07/19
    • Matt Kilcoyne, The Telegraph

    Attenborough and his ilk give a reasonable veneer to authoritarian and impractical ideas For someone who purports to be a national treasure, Sir David Attenborough’s select committee performance yesterday was more of a national disgrace. He should be applauded for educating millions about the natural world, yet he now wants to control our lives, cut down our […]

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