• Parliament’s Devotion To The Religion Of Climate Change Might Be Ending

    • Date: 17/07/16
    • Christopher Booker, The Sunday Telegraph

    Ever since the week in October 2008 when our MPs voted almost unanimously for the Climate Change Act, I have been trying to explain here why this was the most disastrous Act ever passed by Parliament. This insane piece of legislation, committing us to a far greater cut in our emissions of CO2 than any […]

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  • Project Climate Fear: Bank Of England Alarmist-In-Chief Raises Climate Alarm In Canada

    • Date: 16/07/16
    • Terence Corcoran, Financial Post

    As the world turns through the current economic and political crises, it is hard to imagine that governments will follow Mark Carney’s climate-alarmist agenda. It’s 8 a.m. Friday. While the world economy flaps in the wind of central-bank imposed zero interest rates, as Brexit threatens the very existence of the European Union, as some banks and […]

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  • Let’s Scrap The Department Of Energy And Climate Change

    • Date: 14/07/16
    • Benny Peiser and Daniel Mahoney, City A.M. 27 August 2015

    The abolition of DECC would not be difficult to achieve. Energy policy could be transferred to the Department for Business and climate policy moved to the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (DEFRA). It is likely to happen after the Paris conference. The Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC) is small compared to […]

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  • After Pushing Peak Oil Theory, Activists Want to Stop Fracking Because We Have “Too Much” Oil and Gas

    • Date: 09/07/16
    • Matt Mandel, Energy In Depth

    A new report from anti-energy activist group Center for Biological Diversity (CBD) claims that the fossil fuel reserves under lease on federal lands are already so large, new federal leasing for energy production should be stopped. The report, titled Over-Leased: How Production Horizons of Already Leased Federal Fossil Fuels Will Outlast Global Carbon Budgets, states that the “production horizons” […]

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  • It Might Seem Bad Bow, But Wait Until The Lights Go Out!

    • Date: 03/07/16
    • Christopher Booker, The Sunday Telegraph

    The government’s energy policy is so insanely unworkable that it can only result in Britain committing economic suicide. In view of the shambles engulfing our politics in all directions, it might seem appropriate that last Thursday MPs should blithely have accepted that, within a few years, our lights will go out and our economy will […]

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  • The Death Of Campus Free Speech — And How To Revive It

    • Date: 02/07/16
    • Charles Lipson, Real Clear Politics

    The assault on free discussion is now commonplace on campus. What can be done? Five Steps to Protect Campus Speech First, university presidents and top administrators must show some intellectual courage. Their boards of trustees should demand to know if free speech is protected on their campuses, in principle and in practice. Then, they should […]

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  • Climate Denial Finally Pays Off

    • Date: 29/06/16
    • Holman W. Jenkins, Jr., The Wall Street Journal

    A series of Journal editorial page-bashing ads shows the climate cause in mid-crackup No contributor has written more frequently on the subject of climate change on these pages—45 times over the past 20 years according to the “study” behind a recent series of ads (at $27,309 a pop) assailing the Journal’s editorial page for its […]

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  • India’s U-turn on Paris Climate Change Agreement and Why It Is Right

    • Date: 16/06/16
    • Vijay Jayaraj, Townhall

    Observers, negotiators and most importantly, the stakeholders in the climate-change bandwagon have seldom forgotten the Kyoto Protocol and how the United States pulled out after negotiating till the last moment. The Paris climate change agreement, drafted last year, is no different. India has now officially put the brakes on ratification of its proposed commitment. Why? […]

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