• Lawrence Solomon: Why Big Business CEOs Support The Paris Climate Deal

    • Date: 14/06/17
    • Lawrence Solomon, Financial Post

    For the most part, big business and big government are two sides of the same coin, each dependent on the other for its funding, each scratching the other’s back, each seeing the world through the same eyeglass. To the surprise of many, big business went ballistic last week when President Donald Trump pulled the U.S. […]

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  • Marijn Poels: The Climate ‘Debate’ Is Paralysing Free Thinkers And Undermining Democracy

    • Date: 14/06/17
    • Marijn Poels

    Over a year ago I decided to invest my saved money in a completely independent documentary, “The Uncertainty Has Settled.” It was a ‘once in a lifetime’ experience. The past nine years I worked non-stop for several foundations and TV-stations as a documentary maker. Mainly focussing on human rights, environmental issues, and international development. My […]

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  • The Green Blob Is Outraged. Again.

    • Date: 12/06/17
    • Andrew Montford

    Michael Gove’s appointment to the Defra brief has all of the usual suspects up in arms, and as usual, the truth is a lot less exciting than the social media ranting. Take, for example, this tweet from Paul Johnson, the deputy editor of the Guardian, no less: Gove back in: Environment Secretary. The minister who […]

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  • The Real Reason Trump Left the Paris Agreement

    • Date: 05/06/17
    • Mark Mills, Fortune

    The Paris climate agreement was never about climate science. Anchored in the premise that climate science is “settled,” the accord seeks to dramatically change humanity’s energy supply. Here, the matter really is settled: It’s not going to happen. Paris advocates assert that, despite President Donald Trump’s decision to pull out of the agreement, we face […]

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  • Clive James: Climate Alarmists Won’t Admit They Are Wrong

    • Date: 04/06/17
    • Clive James, The Australian

    When you tell people once too often that the missing extra heat is hiding in the ocean, they will switch over to watch Game of Thrones, where the dialogue is less ridiculous and all the threats come true. The proponents of man-made climate catastrophe asked us for so many leaps of faith that they were […]

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  • Nigel Lawson: Unilateral Decarbonisation Is A Miserable Fantasy

    • Date: 03/06/17
    • Nigel Lawson, The Daily Telegraph

    Donald Trump’s decision to withdraw the United States from the Paris Agreement has dealt a hammer blow to an elite consensus which has built up around the issue of climate change. That consensus has placed cutting carbon dioxide emissions above people’s jobs and protecting the environment. With US industry already enjoying a substantial competitive advantage […]

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  • Bjorn Lomborg: Trump Is Right To Reject Paris Climate Deal: It’s Likely To Be A Costly Failure

    • Date: 02/06/17
    • Bjorn Lomborg, The Daily Telegraph

    It is foolhardy and foolish for world leaders to stay fixated on Paris – not only will it likely falter, but it will be hugely costly and do almost nothing to fix climate change. Hours before Donald Trump announced that the US would be quitting the Paris carbon-cutting treaty, UN Secretary General António Guterres took to the […]

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  • Leaving Paris Accord Makes Scientific Sense

    • Date: 02/06/17
    • Tom Hartsfield, Real Clear Science

    The science isn’t strong enough. In any case, science doesn’t dictate the realm of morals, economics, and livelihood. President Trump’s announcement of the United States’ withdrawal from the Paris Accord climate agreement is a bombshell news story. His declaration has met with widespread condemnation in the press and scientific outlets. These critics raise some good points. […]

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