• Untruth in Green Advertising

    • Date: 07/01/17
    • The Wall Street Journal

    A UK regulator calls out anti-fracking scaremongering Our friends in the environmental movement often behave as if they have a monopoly on sound science, but not everyone is convinced. Witness the rebuke that Britain’s independent advertising watchdog issued to Friends of the Earth, which on Wednesday was forced to withdraw one of its anti-fracking leaflets. […]

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  • 2016’s Biggest Loser: The Green Blob

    • Date: 04/01/17
    • Stephen Moore, The Washington Times

    Voters turned thumbs down on the climate change lobby and rightly so The day after the presidential elections the executive director of the Sierra Club glumly called the Donald Trump victory “deeply disturbing for the nation and the planet.” Well, yes, if you’re a climate change alarmist who hates fossil fuels, you’re in for a bad four […]

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  • The Constancy Of Change And The New Catastrophism

    • Date: 01/01/17
    • Nick Eyles and Andrew D. Miall – Department of Earth Sciences, University of Toronto

    Honest scientific discourse and debate is often rendered impossible in the face of the ‘new catastrophism.’ In 2010, we published what is now a best-selling (and award-winning) book Canada Rocks-The Geologic Journey aimed at telling the dramatic story for a public audience of how Canada (and North America) has evolved over the last 4 billion […]

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  • Trump Puts Global Warming Action On Ice

    • Date: 27/12/16
    • Michael Barone, National Review Online

    The new U.S. administration is not going to be bound by the Paris climate agreement and is not going to phase out fossil fuels. It’s been a tough year for political elites, here and around the world, what with the passage of Brexit in June in Britain, the repudiation of Colombia’s Nobel Peace Prize recipient […]

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  • The Environment’s True Friends Are Libertarians

    • Date: 23/12/16
    • David S. D'Amato, Foundation for Economic Education

    Government is itself the worst polluter, responsible for more serious environmental damage than any other single actor. Government wastes and destroys its own holdings, because it lacks the incentives of the true owner, insulated as it is from the attendant costs. The libertarian movement should have been the natural home of environmentalism. Robust, well-defined property rights […]

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  • WSJ: Obama’s ‘Permanent’ Drilling Freeze Won’t Be Permanent

    • Date: 22/12/16
    • The Wall Street Journal

    The environmental lobby has moved on from reducing carbon demand—via subsidies for electric cars and solar panels—to opposing any carbon energy, and this is the opposition Mr. Trump will confront. The White House is attempting to overload the bandwidth of its successor with a surge of new regulation, and the latest is a ban on […]

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  • Marlo Lewis: Why The Senate Should Help Trump Repudiate The Paris Climate Agreement

    • Date: 21/12/16
    • Marlo Lewis, Fox News

    The election of Donald J. Trump to be the next president will soon enable congressional advocates of pro-growth energy policy to go on the offense for the first time in eight years—and they should, for the sake of our Constitution, among other things. During the Obama presidency, the U.S. House of Representatives passed numerous bills […]

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  • Richard Epstein: Obsolete Climate Science on CO2

    • Date: 20/12/16
    • Richard Epstein, Hoover Institution

    The benefits from present or future CO2 emissions are not included in social cost of carbon estimates. Yet a truly neutral assessment should include the benefits of CO2 emissions when a more comprehensive investigation is made. The incoming Trump administration has promised dramatic transformations on many vital domestic issues. The best gauge of this development is the fierce […]

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