• TransCanada’s Keystone Legal Action May Lead To Review Of Climate Science

    • Date: 08/01/16
    • Peter Foster, Financial Post

    No cross-border pipeline has ever been turned down in the cause of saving the world One of the main purposes of free trade deals is to protect legitimate corporate activity from political expediency. On that basis, TransCanada’s proposed US$15 billion NAFTA claim against President Barack Obama’s rejection of its Keystone XL pipeline would appear as big […]

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  • Lucas Bergkamp: Paris Climate Agreement May Be A ‘Trojan Horse’

    • Date: 06/01/16
    • Lucas Bergkamp, Energy Post

    What will happen if the objectives of the Paris Climate Agreement are not achieved? Most people assume that since the agreement is non-binding, failure to reach the targets will necessitate new political action, writes Lucas Bergkamp, Partner at the Brussels-based law firm Hunton & Williams LL.P. But according to Bergkamp, what is likely to happen […]

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  • What’s Causing All This Bizarre Weather?

    • Date: 04/01/16
    • Dan Hannan, Washington Examiner

    What’s causing all this bizarre weather? The answer, at least on my side of the Atlantic, seems to be: “Someone or something I happen not to like.” Britain, like the U.S. and, indeed, much of the world, had an unusual December. Balmy weather brought daffodils freakishly into flower where I live; a neighbor saw cherry […]

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  • Matt Ridley: Don’t Blame Climate Change For UK Floods

    • Date: 04/01/16
    • Matt Ridley, The Times

    From allowing water onto farms to improved land management, there are many ways we can mitigate future problems You have been asked to review why Britain has yet again been hit by extremely damaging floods, as it was in Staines in 2014, Somerset in 2013, Cockermouth in 2009, Gloucester in 2007, Carlisle in 2005, Boscastle […]

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  • Time To Go Dutch On Flood Defences

    • Date: 31/12/15
    • Editorial, The Spectator

    A fraction of the money we spend subsidising green energy could keep our homes truly safe from flooding As the chairman of the Committee on Climate Change, Lord Deben, observed this week, there is a bizarre dislocation between the government’s pronouncements on climate change and its attitude towards spending on flood defences. Only a month […]

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  • The Collapse Of The Oil Price Is A Challenge To The Old World Order

    • Date: 31/12/15
    • Allister Heath, The Daily Telegraph

    The abject failure of Malthusianism was one of the defining trends of 2015, especially in the oil market. It is one of life’s mysteries that being wrong about everything has never been much of a barrier to success. Take Thomas Malthus, the British theologian: his big idea was that the number of human beings would […]

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  • Philip Walling: What The Authorities Won’t Tell You About The Floods

    • Date: 28/12/15
    • Philip Walling, Newcastle Journal

    Amid all the devastation and recrimination over the floods in Cumbria hardly anybody mentions one factor that may not be the sole cause, but certainly hasn’t helped, and that is the almost complete cessation of dredging of our rivers since we were required to accept the European Water Framework Directive (EWF) into UK law in […]

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  • Benny Peiser: Obama The Unilateral Climate Warrior

    • Date: 22/12/15
    • Benny Peiser. The Wall Street Journal

    The U.S. keeps soldiering on, but the toothless Paris deal will let EU nations end harmful carbon policies.   Amid the media’s elation over the United Nations climate deal reached in Paris on Dec. 12, one significant outcome has been overlooked. The European Union failed to achieve its main objective, namely that the agreement adopt carbon-dioxide mitigation […]

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