• Matt Ridley: Global Warming versus Global Greening

    • Date: 17/10/16
    • 2016 Annual GWPF Lecture

    2016 Annual GWPF Lecture The Royal Society, London 17 October 2016 Matt Ridley delivers the 2016 Annual GWPF Lecture at the Royal Society, London 17 October   I am a passionate champion of science. I have devoted most of my career to celebrating and chronicling scientific discovery. I think the scientific method is humankind’s greatest […]

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  • Matt Ridley: Britain Has Become A Nation Paralysed By Protest

    • Date: 17/10/16
    • Matt Ridley, The Times

    Charities, civil servants and lawyers are an unholy alliance working to delay any project from getting off the ground At last, the government is about to decide on a third runway at Heathrow airport — by the end of this month, I hear. It’s only been ten years since Tony Blair’s government first proposed the […]

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  • Social Engineering: Will The National Trust Kill The Lake District As We Know It?

    • Date: 13/10/16
    • Camilla Swift, The Spectator

    Climate change is now the main priority… with strong suspicions that it wants to start ‘rewilding’ too Ever since it was founded in 1895, the National Trust has been considered a good thing. That oak tree sticker on the windscreen isn’t just a passport to some of the country’s finest heritage. It is a middle […]

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  • The Guardian’s ‘100 Months To Save The Planet’ Was Always Just Bunk

    • Date: 09/10/16
    • Christopher Booker, The Sunday Telegraph

    100 months ago, The Guardian proclaimed that we have only “100 months” left to save the world from “irreversible climate change”: soaring temperatures, melting ice caps, dangerously rising sea levels, more hurricanes, tornadoes, droughts, and all the other familiar harbingers of catastrophe. Now those “100 months” are up and not one of these predictions has […]

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  • Juliet Samuel: Free To Frack At Last

    • Date: 07/10/16
    • Juliet Samuel, The Daily Telegraph

    Britain was the cradle of the Industrial Revolution. Are we going to turn our back on the country’s most promising source of energy and economic revival for the sake of some local traffic jams and picketing druids? The Government must keep up the pressure to ensure that the answer is “no”. Free to frack at […]

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  • Green Ambition Puts South Australia In The Dark Ages

    • Date: 04/10/16
    • Nick Carter, The Australian

    Where is the old industrial Left when it’s needed? The communists merely wanted to take over the factories. The greenish Left wants to close them down. The climax last week of Labor’s 14-year campaign to de-industrialise the state of South Australia was less than triumphant. Premier Jay Weatherill’s oversized media machine was turning out cheerful […]

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  • What Are The Lessons From The Peak Oil Hysteria?

    • Date: 28/09/16
    • Bill Murray & Carl M. Cannon, RealClearPolitics

    Today, the question is how policymakers should react when the conventional wisdom is proven so spectacularly wrong, as is the case here. In 1957, Tulsa celebrated Oklahoma’s golden anniversary of statehood by placing in a concrete vault under the county courthouse a host of mid-20th century artifacts, including a 16mm movie, a six-pack of Schlitz better, […]

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  • Freeman Dyson: The Greening of the Universe

    • Date: 27/09/16
    • Freeman Dyson, The New York Review of Books

    Sometime in the next few hundred years, biotechnology will have advanced to the point where we can design and breed entire ecologies of living creatures adapted to survive in remote places away from Earth. I give the name Noah’s Ark culture to this style of space operation. An illustration of Freeman Dyson’s vision of ‘Noah’s […]

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