• Steven Hayward: Climate Change Has Run Its Course

    • Date: 05/06/18
    • Steven F Hayward, The Wall Street Journal

    Its descent into social-justice identity politics is the last gasp of a cause that has lost its vitality. Climate change is over. No, I’m not saying the climate will not change in the future, or that human influence on the climate is negligible. I mean simply that climate change is no longer a pre-eminent policy […]

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  • Myron Ebell: Trump Prefers Energy Dominance To Paris

    • Date: 04/06/18
    • Myron Ebell, Standpoint

    Staying in the Paris agreement would threaten to stymie President Trump’s ambitious plan to revive the American economy through deregulation and on the foundation of immense energy resources. Donald J. Trump has made many decisions since becoming President of the United States that have offended the permanent political establishment in Washington; and in foreign policy, […]

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  • Vaclav Smil: A Critical Look at Claims for Green Technologies

    • Date: 04/06/18
    • Vaclav Smil, IEEE SPectrum

    Green technologies are not yet proved, affordable, or deployable—but even if they were, it would still take them generations to solve our environmental problems When a bright new idea comes along, it’s easy to imagine a fantastic future for it. Perhaps the best example of this is Ray Kurzweil’s Singularity, scheduled to arrive in 2045, which will supposedly bring“immortal […]

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  • Charles Moore: Trump Has Broken The Spell Of Climate Change Mania

    • Date: 01/06/18
    • Charles Moore, The Daily Telegraph

    Since Mr Trump walked out of the Paris agreement one year ago, it has been fascinating to watch the decline of media interest in “saving the planet”. Donald Trump imposed punitive tariffs on steel imports exactly a year after he announced that the US would withdraw from the Paris climate change agreement. The two decisions […]

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  • Daniel Sarewitz: Stop Treating Science Denial Like A Disease

    • Date: 01/06/18
    • Daniel Sarewitz, The Guardian

    Turning the rejection of scientific expertise into a pathology mistakenly presents individual ignorance as the bottleneck in political disagreements The elevation of science to a central theme in American politics is an extraordinary development in the co-evolution of science and society. Three months after Donald Trump’s inauguration, 40,000 or so people turned out in the rain in […]

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  • Terence Corcoran: Trans Mountain Is The Cost Of Corporate Canada Surrendering To Green Enemies

    • Date: 30/05/18
    • Terence Corcoran, Financial Post

    Ottawa’s desperate decision to buy Trans Mountain is the logical outcome of an incoherent governance regime controlled by a triumvirate of social, political and economic institutions With the pipeline fiasco, Canada has now come face to face with the ultimate and disastrous consequences of the grand coalition that has seized control of national policy-making. The […]

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  • Dominic Lawson: Another Renewables Plan That’s Gone Up In Smoke

    • Date: 27/05/18
    • Dominic Lawson, The Sunday Times

    Subsidies for burning biomass — better known as wood — never made sense Please could you reassure your readers,” said the charming young man from the environment department, “that we have not banned wood-burning stoves? No one will have them taken away.” His anxiety was understandable. There is a mutinous stirring in the countryside, following […]

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  • Developing Nations Can’t Afford To Go Cold Turkey on #Coal

    • Date: 25/05/18
    • Colin Stevens, EU Reporter

    Developing countries remain in the dark, increasingly frustrated by what India’s chief economic adviser termed the west’s “carbon imperialism”. Investment in coal-powered plants in African countries could mean the difference for millions of people between being able to turn on the lights at night or living in darkness. The UK recently made headlines by announcing that it had gone for […]

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