• Tears Of A Clown

    • Date: 30/03/10

    False forecasts are not without consequences. How to think about this? Opposition to “Crying Wolf” is growing. A report by a British MP claims the World Health Organisation and other public health bodies have “gambled away” public confidence by overstating the dangers of the flu pandemic. “This decline in confidence could be risky in the future,” […]

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  • Christopher Booker: Can We Trust The ‘Climategate’ Inquiry?

    • Date: 28/03/10

    There has been a curious by-product of the attempts being made by the University of East Anglia to whitewash last November’s embarrassing leak of documents from its Climatic Research Unit. Since it set up not one but two supposedly “independent” inquiries into the “Climategate” affair, climate sceptics were intrigued but not entirely surprised to find […]

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  • Green Power – Black Death

    • Date: 27/03/10

    “I see Africa as a … partner with America on behalf of the future we want for all of our children,” President Obama declared in Ghana last July. However, three months later, the President signed an executive order requiring that the Overseas Private Investment Corporation and other federal agencies reduce greenhouse gas emissions associated with their […]

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  • Barun Mitra: Environmental ‘Crisis’ And Government Power

    • Date: 26/03/10

    The United Nations’ Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change admitted for the first time last month that it is facing a crisis of confidence. But the IPCC’s failings go far beyond the recent spate of errors identified in its reports. The problem began with the global political climate that led to the formation of the IPCC […]

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  • Without Affordable, Clean Alternatives, South Africa Turns to Coal

    • Date: 25/03/10

    South Africa’s finance minister, Pravin Gordhan, has an op ed in the Washington Post that illustrates the challenges facing developing nations as they struggle to provide the affordable access to modern energy needed to pull citizens out of poverty. The piece highlights the tension between such objectives and simultaneous concerns about the environmental and climate […]

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  • Stephen McIntyre: Another Tainted Inquiry

    • Date: 24/03/10

    It’s pretty discouraging that yet another inquiry is tainted by the selection of their panel. The University of East Anglia, seemingly emboldened by getting away with Geoffrey Boulton’s appointment to the ethics panel, have become much bolder in choosing the science panel. Chairman Oxburgh, a former oil company executive, is a green entrepeneur. Kerry Emanuel is […]

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  • The Scaremonger State

    • Date: 22/03/10

    Two pieces of government propaganda advertising that twist nursery rhymes (and heartstrings) to raise climate change awareness have been banned by the Advertising Standards Agency. The adverts have been struck down for exaggerating the mainstream scientific consensus over the effects of climate change, with the ASA noting that even the environmentalist’s bible, the IPCC report, […]

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  • End-Phase Of The Climate Wars?

    • Date: 21/03/10

    History may see the interview of CRU’s Professor Phil Jones by the BBC’s Roger Harrabin on 12 February 2010 as the opening of the end-phase of the long-running “alarmists versus sceptics” debate. The gap between these two schools has never yawned as widely as media reports often suggest. Both agree that climate is always changing, […]

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