• That Starving Polar Bear: Is Fake News Okay For A Good Cause?

    • Date: 13/12/17
    • Margaret Wente, The Globe and Mail

    Wild exaggerations and scare stories are not just bad for science. They’re bad for all of the environmentalists who want to win over the goodwill of the public. Most people are concerned about climate change – but they’re also rightly skeptical about activists who cry “wolf” (or, in this case, “polar bear.”) Fake news for […]

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  • Walter Russell Mead: Fracking Our Way To Mideast Peace

    • Date: 12/12/17
    • Walter Russell Mead, The Wall Street Journal

    Low oil prices have so eroded Arab states’ power, they now see Israel as a protector. Whatever you think of President Trump’s decision to recognize Jerusalem as Israel’s capital, it points to the most important strategic reality in the Middle East: Arab power has collapsed in the face of low oil prices and competition from […]

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  • Matt Ridley: Blue Planet II Was Superb, Save A Few Fishy Facts

    • Date: 11/12/17
    • Matt Ridley, The Times

    The BBC show was right to preach about plastics and pollution but misleading about ocean acidification and melting ice Nothing that Hollywood sci-fi screenwriters dream up for outer space begins to rival the beauty and ingenuity of life under water right here. Blue Planet II captured behaviour that was new to science as well as surprising: giant […]

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  • Academic Lawfare Is Killing Trust In Climate Science

    • Date: 09/12/17
    • Editorial, Investor's Business Daily

    Whatever the intent of these lawsuits, the effect is to chill scientific research and debate. Scientists will think twice about challenging any aspect of climate science if the result could be an expensive lawsuit. We keep hearing how climate change is “settled science,” even though science is never settled. But if it were, why are […]

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  • Jeff Jacobi: Yes, There Are Benefits From Global Warming

    • Date: 06/12/17
    • Jeff Jacobi, The Boston Globe

    Global warming will bring gains as well as losses, upsides no less than downsides. Climate science isn’t a good-and-evil morality tale. Climate discourse shouldn’t be either. POINT HOPE, ALASKA, is tiny and ill-provisioned, an Arctic backwater so inaccessible that basic groceries have to be flown in and gasoline can only be brought in by barge […]

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  • In Praise Of Phasing Out Of Energy Subsidies

    • Date: 05/12/17
    • Jenny Grimberg, Being Libertarian

    Renewables cannot pay for themselves today and will not be able to do so tomorrow, and in the process they will destroy other viable, clean sources of energy that are truly affordable. The GOP has managed to push through tax reform in the Senate, weeks after the House had voted to pass it. While the […]

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  • Carbon Taxes Increase Global CO2 Emissions. Period.

    • Date: 02/12/17
    • Spencer P Morrison, National Economics Editorial

    Not only does the logic show that carbon taxes in the West will invariably increase global CO2 emissions, but so does the empirical evidence. Largest interregional fluxes of emissions embodied in trade (Mt CO2 y−1) from dominant net exporting countries (blue) to the dominant net importing countries (red). Fluxes to and from Western Europe are […]

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  • GWPF Podcast: Royal Society – It’s Worse Than We Thought

    • Date: 01/12/17
    • David Whitehouse & Benny Peiser, GWPF Podcast

    David Whitehouse and Benny Peiser discuss the Royal Society’s new climate change (‘it’s-worse-than-we-thought’) update and how soon will the ‘ice apocalypse’ come? Click on image to listen to the latest GWPF Podcast

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