• How the Closing of the Campus Mind Threatens Freedom

    • Date: 07/04/18
    • Barry Brownstein, Foundation for Economic Education

    In contemporary America, particularly on college campuses, opinions based on feelings top everything. How long will freedom be sustained in a society whose citizens are unwilling to recognize their own hubris and unwilling to consider anything but their own feelings? “Our ignorance is sobering and boundless,” philosopher Karl Popper famously observed. Popper continued with what could be […]

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  • Harry Wilkinson: Trillions Going To Waste On Climate Change ‘Groupthink’

    • Date: 01/04/18
    • Harry Wilkinson, The Conservative Woman

    The atmosphere of persecution that surrounds the climate change debate is evidence of a particularly insidious cultural phenomenon. This is ‘groupthink’, and it has facilitated some of the grisliest atrocities in human history.   Christopher Booker, in his new report Global Warming: A Case Study in Groupthink, shows how the science and politics of climate change […]

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  • Climate Change Movement Retreats to California Courts

    • Date: 31/03/18
    • Richard O. Faulk, RealClearPolitics

    After failing in every American political forum since the Paris climate accord was reached two years ago, the climate change movement has once again retreated to the courts. Not surprisingly, these advocates selected California’s federal courts as the forum of choice, counting on their comparatively liberal dispositions to breathe new life into their agenda. Pursuant […]

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  • Rupert Darwall: How Tariffs Dampen America’s Energy Boom

    • Date: 22/03/18
    • Rupert Darwall, The Wall Street Journal

    Is someone in the White House colluding with China? The Trump administration’s decision to impose tariffs on imported aluminum and steel lets China off the hook for its chronic and deliberate overproduction. Worse, it sets the stage for a trade war that would rob U.S. manufacturers of the advantages stemming from America’s recent transformation into […]

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  • John Stossel: The Paris Climate Fraud

    • Date: 21/03/18
    • John Stossel, Fox News

    President Trump’s pick to be the new secretary of state, Mike Pompeo, is not a fan of the Paris climate agreement, the treaty that claims it will slow global warning by reducing the world’s carbon dioxide emissions. Politicians from most of the world’s nations signed the deal, and President Obama said “we may see this […]

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  • We Must Act Now To Keep The Lights On Or It Might Be Too Late

    • Date: 19/03/18
    • Brian Monteith, The Scotsman

    Actions have consequences, so it is no surprise that in response to the UK ordering the departure of 23 Russian diplomats following the Salisbury poisoning that Russia has responded in kind by ordering 23 UK diplomats to leave Russia and the British Council and our St Petersburg consular offices cease operations. In addition there shall […]

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  • We Must Turn Off The Russian Gas Tap And Get Fracking

    • Date: 18/03/18
    • Harry Wilkinson, The Conservative Woman

    The recent gas shortages and price spikes are a wake-up call. Russia’s outrageous behaviour makes it the last country we should rely on to keep the lights burning. What has got us into this mess? A decade of virtue-signalling, ‘alternative facts’ and wishful thinking, all utterly divorced from Britain’s national interest and the need for cheap, […]

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  • We Listened To The Eco-Fantasists Over Fracking And Now We Have Hostile Russia Heating Our Homes

    • Date: 16/03/18
    • Editorial, The Sun

    Let this Russian crisis be the moment Britain finally wakes up to the need for new power stations and for shale gas – as much as we can possibly extract. FOR years The Sun warned Labour, coalition and Tory Governments of the folly of leaving our energy supply at the mercy of flaky foreign powers. […]

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