• Holman W. Jenkins, Jr.: Climate Change Is the Liberal Non-Agenda

    • Date: 22/01/18
    • Holman W. Jenkins, Jr, The Wall Street Journal

    It is important for today’s liberals to create a smoke-and-mirrors sideshow over issues like climate change because they have no agenda. Fulfilling every stereotype of the phoney-baloney politician, New York Mayor Bill de Blasio last week sued the oil industry. His argument, that oil companies cause a public nuisance in the form of greenhouse gases, […]

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  • Rupert Darwall: Europe’s Energy Crack-Up

    • Date: 22/01/18
    • Rupert Darwall, National Review

    Europeans scold while the U.S. leads. Drugs, human trafficking, weapons. Violent fundamentalism and Islamic terrorism.” Was this President Trump talking about Africa at his recent White House meeting with congressional leaders? Nope: “The problems Africa face are completely different . . . and are civilizational,” France’s President Emmanuel Macron told a reporter from the Ivory Coast at last year’s […]

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  • The Climate-Change Doomsday Just Got Canceled

    • Date: 19/01/18
    • Editorial, Investor's Business Daily

    A new study published in the prestigious journal Nature finds that all those global warming doomsday scenarios aren’t credible. Not that you would ever know based on how little coverage this study is getting.   The study, published on Thursday, finds that if CO2 in the atmosphere doubled, global temperatures would climb at most by […]

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  • Lord Donoughue: Everyone Should Read Prof Paunio’s Hard-Hitting Paper On The Lancet Commission

    • Date: 18/01/18
    • Lord Donoughue, Global Warming Policy Foundation

    Professor Paunio has enjoyed a distinguished career in global public health, both in Europe and the USA. He has a proven record of countering medical falsehoods, based more on environmental propaganda than on scientific evidence. He certainly adds to that reputation in this hard-hitting and evidence-based paper. It focusses on two recent reports published (to […]

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  • The Price Of Green Madness: Why Is California The Poverty Capital Of America?

    • Date: 15/01/18
    • Kerry Jackson, Los Angeles Times

    Guess which state has the highest poverty rate in the country? Not Mississippi, New Mexico, or West Virginia, but California, where nearly one out of five residents is poor. That’s according to the Census Bureau’s Supplemental Poverty Measure, which factors in the cost of housing, food, utilities and clothing, and which includes noncash government assistance […]

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  • Dominic Lawson: The ‘Population Bomb’ Is A Dud

    • Date: 14/01/18
    • Dominic Lawson The Sunday Times

    Eco-doomsayers want fewer children in the world, but not in their own families The rate of global population growth is declining rapidly; source One World in Date Stanley Johnson has been hard to avoid recently. Boris’s amiable father has a book to promote, so we should not dismiss his participation in I’m a Celebrity . . […]

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  • Germany Becomes The New Poster Child For Climate Change Hypocrisy

    • Date: 12/01/18
    • Nicolas Loris, The Daily Signal

    “Do as I say, but don’t pay attention to what I actually do” is the trademark of climate change policy. Climate hypocrisy is nothing new. Celebrities cruise around the world in their private jets, eating filet mignon while telling you to pack a salad and bike to work to reduce your carbon footprint. So, color […]

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  • Mark Perry: Keeping Fossil Fuels Underground Makes No Sense

    • Date: 11/01/18
    • Mark Perry, U.S. News

    Even environmentalists should welcome the transition from coal to natural gas and reconsider their infatuation with renewables and efforts to keep fossil fuels in the ground. What would happen if climateers succeed in their campaign to keep fossil fuels in the ground? The experience of Walt Disney World in Orlando more than 40 years ago […]

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