• Free Speech On Campus Begins With The Academics

    • Date: 02/02/19
    • Editorial, The Daily Telegraph

     The Government is absolutely right to introduce uniform guidance on free speech in universities, but it shouldn’t even be necessary. Why can’t academics, who are supposedly motivated by the spirit of free inquiry, define and defend liberty themselves? Instead, students have been allowed to set the rules and, through no-platforming, noisy protest and “safe space” […]

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  • Greta Thunberg: PR puppet or climate figurehead?

    • Date: 30/01/19
    • Stefan Winterbauer, meedia.de

    More to the Thunberg phenomenon than meets the eye 16-year-old Swede Greta Thunberg is now regarded by much of the media as a “figurehead of the climate protection movement”. The student gained worldwide fame through her appearance at the UN Climate Change Conference in Katowice, Poland. Most recently, she appeared at the World Economic Summit […]

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  • Why A Carbon Tax Is Politically Toxic

    • Date: 30/01/19
    • Ryan Bourne, City A.M.

    When it comes to climate change, economists have duff political instincts. Economists, of all people, should understand the power of specialisation. They are taught early that prosperity is founded on the division of labour: individuals becoming more productive in specific tasks. Yet when dispensing policy advice, they seem to ignore that lesson, presuming that they […]

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  • Dark Ages Beckon With Green Left Energy Policies

    • Date: 29/01/19
    • Nick Cater, The Australian

    It can take a crisis to reveal true character. Australian Greens leader Richard Di Natale’s call to Victorians to toughen up in the face of threats to household electrical appliances shows he recognises the severity of the energy crisis and is willing to face the cost. “Can you imagine the sacrifices that people made during […]

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  • Does Fighting Global Warming Help or Hurt the Poor?

    • Date: 26/01/19
    • E. Calvin Beisner, The Patriot Post

    Want to “bring nothing but misery to poor people, especially in the developing world”? Simple: Just follow the advice of the international cabal of UN leaders and their organizations calling for drastic action to fight global warming. The harangue is familiar everywhere by now: Global warming will harm everybody, but it’ll harm the poor most of […]

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  • Steven Glover: We Need To Allow Fracking To Avoid An Energy Crisis

    • Date: 24/01/19
    • Stephen Glover, Daily Mail

    We have an energy crisis. And it so happens that we appear to have lots of shale gas. A whole new industry could be created if only the Luddites would see sense.   Almost everyone I know is against fracking. Not that many of them understand much about it. But this doesn’t prevent them from […]

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  • Goodbye To The World Bank’s Misguided War On Cheap Energy

    • Date: 22/01/19
    • Rupert Darwall and Myron Ebell, The Washington Times

    The unexpected departure of Dr. Jim Yong Kim as president of the World Bank gives President Donald J. Trump the perfect opportunity to reverse the anti-fossil fuel, energy poverty agenda the bank has pursued since Dr. Kim’s appointment by President Barack Obama in 2012. The World Bank is the world’s premier development bank. Its knowledge of developing countries means that […]

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  • The Carbon Tax: A Wolf In Green Clothing

    • Date: 17/01/19
    • Lawrence Zupan, Mountain Times

    For the wealthy, a carbon tax would be an inconvenience.  For the rest of us, a carbon tax is a catastrophe. If you drive a car, I’ll tax the street, If you try to sit, I’ll tax your seat. If you get too cold I’ll tax the heat, If you take a walk, I’ll tax […]

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